Glen Pass (11,946′)

Day 56 – 6/7/15
Lower Rae Lakes
Miles – 12.9
Total Miles – 836.6 (PCT 794.3)DSC04103-6-7-15We woke early and peeked outside the motel window to check the sky. . . . no clouds anywhere. That was a good sign. We could hike with some confidence that we will not get rained on. We finished packing and went over to have breakfast which the motel provides. After eating bacon, eggs, and toast cooked by Dave; Mama Raven, Will, and Little Crow went to Subway to pick up sandwiches for the trail. While they were gone, I closed up the packs and loaded them in the car. There was a scale hanging from a tree so I decided to weigh each pack. The packs have all our gear plus 5.5 days of food and 1L water each. Little Crow’s weighed 17lbs, Will’s and Mama Raven’s weighed 26lbs, and mine weighed 31lbs. With Subway Sandwiches in hands, Dave’s wife took us back up to the trailhead. We got to the parking lot about 9:30. Before we headed up the trail, we had another birthday party for Little Crow with the German Chocolate cake, whip cream and Strider’s Tiara! We did not have time to eat them yesterday because of the birthday brownies Sarah sent Little Crow so we thought it would be fun to celebrate at the trailhead. We had candles, sang Happy birthday, and to our amazement, the four of us almost ate the whole cake. Finally it was time to hike. Clouds formed up as the morning went on but they did not look very threatening. We felt very strong climbing to the top of Kearsarge Pass despite the full stomachs of cake and whip cream. The only problem we had was all the people we stopped to talk with. It slowed us down a bit but it was good to see our hiking friends. A lot of hikers were resupplying in Independence or hitch hiking to Bishop. In the early afternoon we stopped and ate our Subway sandwiches. We then headed up Glen Pass. It is not a bad pass to climb from the south side. The difficult part is getting down Glen Pass’s steep, snow covered north side. Even though the clouds came and went through out the day there was enough sun to make the snow very soft. We postholed down the steep cliff side. For the most part all went well until Little Crow post holed up to her hip and she could not pull her leg out. As she tried to free herself, she started to panic. Mama Raven and I got there as soon as we could and tried to calm her as we pulled her out of her predicament. Her shoe and gator stayed at the bottom of the hole. I reached in and worked at pulling out her shoe. It was good and stuck. It took a minute or two to get it out. After that we tried to stay to the well packed paths. As we reached the bottom of the cliff we looked back up what we just came down with awe. We walked around Rae Lakes and camped at one of the lower lakes. While Mama Raven and I set camp, Will and Little Crow went down to the lake to fish. Will received his fishing kit in the Independence resupply box and he really wanted to try it. Even though they did not catch any they had lots of fun trying.DSC04136-6-7-15






















Snow White and Wall-ee (Wallstreet)

Snow White and Wall-ee (Wallstreet)






Day 25, 26 – 5/7, 5/8
Miles – 10.7
Total Miles – 385.2 (PCT 363.4)


5/7 – Sometime during the night the clouds had pulled back and we had clear skies the rest of the night. In the morning we looked down into the valley below and saw a blanket of clouds as we stood above them. It was a beautiful sight. however it was terribly cold so we packed quickly and got hiking.  All morning, we were being chased by the clouds. We somehow were able to stay just a few steps ahead of them as they crept over the ridges.  We would often look back at them and they looked like creatures, stretching their evil tendrils over the peaks and up the valleys for us. The worst part of the weather was the painfully cold wind. By the time we got to our trail down to Wrightwood, the temperature was in the 30’s with a wind chill pushing the temperature down into the 20’s. We hiked down as fast as we could.
Since a storm is moving in, there is are lot of hikers in town. We got a room at an old motel. We will be staying here for two nights and the most important thing we are out of the miserable weather. The weather moved in quickly during the afternoon and it started to hail and snow.




5/8 – It snowed a little during the night, about an inch or so. After we talked to a few hiker’s, we found out that it snowed about 5″ up on the ridge. This morning we all went out and played in the snow. We built Hiker Joe the snowman and had a fun snowball fight. The storm should pass today, so we will be hiking out tomorrow morning.