Day 147 – 9/5/25
Miles – 5.9
Total Miles – 2342.9 (PCT 2271.5)


The thermometer read 32° inside the tent.  It was a cold night last night.  With great apprehension, we checked Bling’s knee first thing and it was hurting just as bad as yesterday. Mama and Papa Raven were hoping by some miracle his leg would be better so Bling could walk out on his own.  No such luck.  We tried to think of a solution. The ideas we came up with we knew were not realistic:  pulling him down the trail on a insulate pad and making a stretcher out of hiking poles and a sleeping bag.  We were avoiding the unavoidable. . . pushing the spot device.  We did not want to do it too early and make anybody get up out of bed too soon but we did not want to do it too late since it could take many hours to get someone here.  After all it was not a life threatening situation.  It is just a little boy with a bad leg who cannot get out on his own,  and parents who could not figure out how to get him out.  We agreed it was time to push the button.  Mama Raven did not want to push it, nether did Papa Raven. Therefore, we said it was Bling’s leg, so lets let him do it!  At 7:30 am, Bling hit the SOS on the Spot device.  That is something we never thought we would have to do.  We all settled down for a long wait.  Treeman, who was camped near us, stopped by to see how Bling was doing.  He said we did the right thing to call for help the way we did.  He made us feel a little better.  We said goodbye to Treeman.  It was a very sad, goodbye. The Ravens were getting off the trail.  Given where we are, Papa Raven figured that it would take 4 to 5 hours for anyone to reach us.  The whole morning, clouds lifted up out of the valley. It was beautiful!  In the late morning, we started to hear voices passing by our tent.  We would peek out, but they were just backpackers.  At about 11:30, we heard horses. The rescue party came. It was quickly decided to take Bling down on horseback thus one of the riders had to give up his horse and hike down with Bling’s pack.  Ray volunteered his horse, Nick. The horseman lifted Bling up onto Nicks back. It started to lightly sprinkle and they put a duster on him to keep him warm and dry. Mama and Papa Raven, Little Crow, and Ray quickly packed the rest of our gear and followed the path of the horses.  The hike down to the trailhead were Bling would be was all down hill.   We reached the bottom around 3:00.  Bling was sitting in a heated tent drinking hot chocolate and eating homemade oatmeal cookies.  He was warming his feet in front of a heater.  The sheriff, rescue coordinator had called for a transport vehicle. The truck arrived about an hour later, we loaded up and off we went on our way to somewhere, although we did not know where. The driver was Sue.  She first took us to a small town called Morton but there were no rooms available.  We kept working our way down going from town to town with the same scenario. . . no rooms available. We finally hit Hwy 5 were we finally were able to get a room in Chehalis. We are grateful for the effort Sue put in to find us a place to stay.  Thank you, Sue, for your help! Also thank you to everyone involved in helping us get Bling down off the mountain! You were all so good to Bling and really helped out some bewildered parents. THANK YOU! And that is one big, heart felt thank you!



Hitting the SPOT rescue device






Bling on Nick