Silverwood Lake

Day 23 5/5/15
Before the high power lines before Cajon Pass
Miles- 20.1
Total Miles – 355.7 (PCT 338.1)DSC01701-5-5-15

The wind blew most of the night, but it let up a little before dawn. We took our time getting going. We have about 23 mikes to a McDonald’s at Cajon Pass and we want to get there mid morning tomorrow. The hiking was easy all day. There were very few ups, but for the most part, the trail just contoured around the mountains.
Around lunch we got to Silverwood Lake. It is a large dammed lake, fed from the Colorado River. We first walked below the dam itself, then we went into a yard where they had some huge water pipes. We could not resist playing in them. When I stood inside of one of them, I extended my hiking pole and I could just barely touch the top. In guessing, their size, they had a diameter of about 12′. The pipes had the best echo. The kids had fun making all sorts of sounds.  After leaving the supply yard, we hiked up to the lake. To my surprise, it was full, unlike most other lakes in California after four years of a draught. We had 4 miles of hiking around the lake to get to the picnic area which had water, bathrooms, and trash. During the four mile hike around the lake two hikers passed us we had not seen in a while. They are a young couple we first bumped into around the Laguna Mountains. I am uncertain of their names.  They both hike in sandals. He wears his hair in pony tail high up on his head. They described themselves as nine to five hikers.  They get up late and go to bed early. Nonetheless, they hike very fast!  When Mama Raven saw them for the first time, she said they needed the trail name of Pebbles and Bam Bam. When they passed us at Silverwood Lake they wanted us too know they had accepted Pebbles and Bam Bam as their official trail name. Mama Raven was happy over the news.
After sitting and relaxing at the lake for a while, we hit the trail again. The miles rolled by easily. In the late afternoon the wind came up. We hiked up onto some ridges and the wind hit us hard. The gusts were so strong that Joon and I were pushed off the trail. I tried to steady Joon as she walked. It was kinda fun! As we headed down the far side of the mountain the wind let up a bit. The only flat place we could find was right under some high power lines. Mama Raven said she hopes they do not do anything weird to us. The sun is almost down and we are only four miles from McDonalds. We will be there for breakfast. Several hikers passed us with only one thing on their minds . . .food.  They will be getting in well after dark. If we pushed the kids that last little bit, nobody would be happy!