Well we’re off

Day 1 – 4/12/15
Above Hauser Creek
Miles  – 14.1
Total Miles – 14.1

The last week has been very stressful. Working right up to end left me very little time to help Mama Raven to get ready. Mama Raven and I have been up until almost midnight every night. Yesterday was the worst, Mama Raven and I did not get bed until 1:30 this morning and then we had to wake up at 5 to get ready to go.  The Sims and the Linbergs arrived at our home at 6 to drive us to the boarder. With all the last minute things we had to do, we did not leave until 7:40.  After a one and a half hour drive we stopped to meet up with my mom and then all three cars drove to the boarder.
17 people have all ready stated there hike today, we will make it 21.  After the mandatory pictures and putting our fingers into Mexico; that is all we could fit through the boarder fence, we stated our hike. But we did not start alone, the Sims and Linberg’s hiked with us for the first 2 miles.  It was great to have so many people seeing us off.
We had the normal problems we always have at the beginning of a hike: sore feet and shoulders, and sluggish hiking. We know it takes 3 to 4 days to start feeling good. We just have to get through it.
We traveled through chaparral and some oak. The day was not really hot and a nice wind blow most of the time. The flowers are out. Every where we looked something was in bloom.
Joon got the first blisters of the trip. She got two of them, one on the inside of each foot. We have popped one of them and put disinfectant on them. We will be watching it closely tomorrow. Joon did complain that her feet were hurting but we did not make the connection and she does not have much experience with blisters.
Mama Raven:
We bumped into our first hiker who was quitting. She was hiking solo. She said her feet hurt.  I thought about my feet with plantar fascitis, nuroma, metatarsal ailment, and swollen achilles tendon. That is all one foot, but I’m still hiking. I take a lot of vitamin I (Motrin)