The Sims at Crater Lake

Day 119 – 8/8/15
Crater Lake
Miles – 18.4
Total Miles – 1885.5 (PCT 1828.4)


We woke an hour early to get a jump on the miles.  We had 18 miles to do before 4:00 and we would have to move fast to succeed.  All Ravens cooperated and we quickly got out of camp early.  The miles rolled along as the morning went by. Wall-ee and Snow White were hiking with us. As we got closer to Crater Lake, Cuban B and Malibu hiked with Little Crow and me.  They are both fast hikers and we offered to pullover and let them by but they said no they just wanted to talk to us for a while. Wall-ee and Snow White are also meeting a friend at Mazama at 4:00. By the early afternoon, we realized that we would not only make it, but we would be about an hour early.  And that is exactly what happened, we came into Mazama Village a few minutes after three.  Within minutes, Karin and Hannah greeted us. After saying hello, they told us that Welden and David had hiked up the trail to meet us, so Mama Raven and I dropped our packs and headed up the trail to find them. On the way, we saw Cuban B and he told us that two people were up at the trail junction looking for us. After a half mile of climbing, we ran into them coming down. After saying hello, we all headed back to their car where Mama Raven and Karin were.
The Sims had brought fresh grapes and Bling’s favorite soda to drink, Izzie’s. We sat and talked for a while. They knew we had to get some work done, so they helped us get our boxes and start sorting for the next section.  We got a lot of boxes at this stop: our food box, Mama Raven’s new umbrella, new hip belts for Mama Raven’s and my backpacks, new mp3 players, and a missing credit card. Welden used one of their computers to pull all Mama Raven’s pictures of her memory cards and he also moved music between cards so we could use the new mp3 players.  Having access to a computer was a big help.  As we worked on the boxes, we also got everyone changed into their town clothes and created a load of laundry. Karin and Weldon wanted to take us out to dinner.  It was starting to get late so we quickly got the laundry started.  Mama Raven and Karin headed over to the restaurant to discover there was an hour wait for dinner. Trying to make the most of the time, we quickly sent Bling and Little Crow into the showers.  We had heard for other hikers that the best shower stalls were second one in the men’s and the fourth in the women’s.  We did not fully understand what they meant.  The showers were .75¢ for four minutes. Joon used $1.50 for 8 minutes, but Bling’s was free for unlimited time. He used shower number two and the coin machine was broken.  Now we understood we should use stall two and four when Mama Raven and I take our showers.  After the kids showers, we were called for dinner.  We all had a very good dinner, burgers, salads, and pasta. At the end of dinner, Karin brought in a chocolate cake for Mama Raven’s birthday. We all sang and then ate half the cake. It was delicious. David had picked it out. We had good food with good friends. We are happy the Sims  met us at Crater Lake. It was getting late and the Sims still had to drive to Redding, five hours away. They helped us move are packs back to a camp spot, before heading out. It was great to see them and we all had a fun time. Bling got to hang out with his buddy David.  We are sharing a campsite with Wall-ee, Snow White, and their friend Andy. This was very helpful on a busy afternoon. It was late when we setup the tents. We went straight to sleep. It has been a really good day.

Snow White and Wall-ee

Snow White and Wall-ee