A Quick Update

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It has been crazy around here for the last few weeks.  We have been pushing very hard to get ready for the trip.  Ann is working from early morning until late at night; I help out where I can, given my work schedule.  We now have all of our food needed for our five month adventure; it has been dehydrated, packaged, and sorted.  Our 30 food drop boxes are nearly complete.  They are still missing fuel, replacement clothing, and a few odds-and-ends.  Some of the equipment we need to pick up is socks, shorts, water bags, and camera memory cards.  The UPS and FED X trucks have been making daily stops to our house, delivering the last of the needed equipment we have ordered.  New raincoats, tablet (to make viewing photographs and writing blog entries easier), MP3 players, and a Spot device which is a personal locater beacon used in case of emergencies.  I will link the blog to the Spot location tracker, which will show where we are on the trail.   Ann’s Sony camera also came last week.  She has been practicing using it to film Joon during her diving lessons at UCSD.    With only two more weeks to go before we leave, we still have a lot to do, however there is an end in site.  Most of what is left to do is cleaning and preparing the house (which includes repairs from the tree falling on it) for the new occupants.  Ann and I are looking forward to the day we leave to put an end to all the preparations.

The collection begins

We are starting to collect the food and equipment we will need for the PCT.


The gathering of food is the easy part; there is just a lot of it.  From our itinerary, we know how many days we will be gone, therefore we know how many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners we will need.  It is just a matter of buying all the food, dehydrating it, and vacuum sealing it.  It is a lot of work.  A few weeks ago we started to buy some food when we saw it on sale.  Costco, Sam’s Club and Walmart have low prices and a good selection.

One of the problems a lot of thru hikers have is they bring the same food for the whole trip.  Food is what keeps you hiking and if you cannot stand to eat the food you brought, it makes the trip that much harder.  Dinners are the most difficult meal for us to come up with good recipes that we all like on the trail.  Our problem child is Will.  He is one, annoying, picky eater!   Over the last 3 summers of hiking, we have been testing as many dinners as possible. We have found only 6 or 7 dinners that we all agree upon.

This is a good time to buy equipment with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales abound.   We have gotten a Gossamer Gear Gorilla backpack for Will, Uniqlo Ultra light down jackets for all family members, and a camera for Tim.  There is still  more equipment to purchase, like socks and shoes and a lot more food!