The Day Two Blues

Day 2 – 4/13/15
Somewhere Just before Kitchen Creek Falls
Miles – 14.4
Total Miles – 28.5

Everyone was very tired last night and none wanted to get up. Although we did start hiking soon after the sun came up. Joon was not moving very fast due to the blisters on each foot. We headed down to Hauser Creek and then stated our first big up. It took longer than we though because Joon was walking so slow.
When we got to the top we stopped to eat and I worked on Joon’s blister’s.  She had two, one on each foot. One was big and puffy and the other was long.  What caught my eye was that it was long. I took a look in her shoe to see what could caused it and saw that her blister lined up with her new hard plastic orthotics. The insert was what was causing her blisters. Of course we pulled them out.
Our first big break of the day was at Lake Morena. It has picnic tables, bathrooms, and a place to dump trash.  We stayed for about an hour.
Six hot miles and several hours later we came to Big Oak Campground. This is a good place to stop because it has water, so out came the cook kit and we had hot dogs for dinner. When you are hiking in southern California it is important to eat where there is water. We were very slow to start hiking again. Everyone was tired. This always happens at the start of a hiking trip. The second and third days are the hardest. Our bodies are still adapting to hiking.
After a good rest we headed out. We had a big up in front of us. We are starting to hike up to Mt. Laguna, so it was all up. It was a bit hard finding a campsite, but as usual, we made something work.  Tomorrow we reach our first food drop, Mt. Laguna.


Smokey, Tofu, and ?