Fire, Oregon, and Bling

Day 112 – 8/1/15
A camp site several miles into Oregon
Miles – 23.3
Total Miles – 1752.6 (PCT 1691.1)


The thunderstorms last night went on for a while. Most of the lightening was up in the clouds however there was one bolt that hit the ground not far from us. The flash was much brighter than all the others and the thunder was quite loud. Little Crow leaped into my arms soon after it happened. Mama Raven was outside and saw the bolt of lightening go through the trees below us. In the morning we woke to cloudy skies that cleared by early mooring. Also there was smoke everywhere. The air smelled strong of it. About 50 miles to the west there is a fire burning. It has been filling all the valleys with so much smoke we could not see very far. We hiked for only several hundred yards when Mama Raven noticed smoke coming up form the hill below her. This was the area where the loud bolt hit last night. I dropped my pack and quickly hiked back to the road. At the road, there was a father with his two kids camping and a man that was fixing a flat tire on his truck. I told both of them about the fire and asked if one of them could drive out till they could get cell service and call 911. The local gentleman fixing the flat tire grabbed a pick axe out of the back of his truck and headed up the trail. I followed. When we got back to the location of the fire, he headed down toward the fire. I told him we would hike on and try to get high enough to call 911. It took us about 15 or 20 minutes to get a signal. I called 911 and gave them the information. We never found out if a fire crew showed up but we did see a spotter plane flying around the area most of the day.
We hiked strong for most of the day. Our trail rode the tops of ridges and around tops of deep valleys. We did have problems finding water. Three springs in a row were fouled by cattle. We finally found a really good one in the late afternoon. Around 7:30, we reached our goal we have been working toward for months, the California/Oregon border. It took three and a half months for us to walk the entire length of California. Will and Little Crow were really excited. Papa Raven and I were proud of our little Ravens. Not too many kids can claim they have done such a feat. The next two states will go much faster given they are 450 to 500 miles each. At the border, Will was to finally pick a trail name. He has been putting it off and has said he would let us know which name he chooses at the Oregon/California border. He has been mentally collecting names other hikers have suggested to him. He narrowed it down to two: Talon and Bling. The winner is Bling!
Just to prove we are in Oregon, 10 minutes after we hiked into Oregon, it started to rain. Not a hard rain but rain none the less.