Sleeping Bags

Currently we have 10 sleeping bags and only 4 people.  We have done a lot of experimenting with bags over the years.  Even though there are four Ravens, we carry only three bags.  That is a lot of extra sleeping bags.  Ann and I use a single bag with no bottom.  Our bag acts like a big blanket.



ZPacks Solo Down Sleeping Bag


On the CDT, Will used a ZPack Solo Sleeping Bag.  This sleeping bag is designed with a zipper running 2/3’s of the way up from the bottom of the bag.  He can use it as a quit or a traditional sleeping bag.  Also, it drops 1 lbs off of his older Feather Friend Hummingbird.  Will sleep’s cold, so we have gotten the 10º version, filled with 900 loft down.  Since he moves around a great deal in his sleep, we have added to draft tube.  This should keep him warm and comfortable for the next several years; longer if he stops growing.


Catabatic Nunatak


The Catabatic is Joon’s bag, however it original was purchased from Nunatak for me (Tim).  I found it to be too narrow and overall too short for my comfort.  However, the bag is very warm and very lite.  I ordered it with extra 850 fill down so it has a rating of 20º.  This sleeping bag does not have down on the underside.  Any down under the body gets compressed and does not make the bag any warmer.   It just adds needless weight and bulk.  Since both the kids can now sleep in the same tent, Ann and I went back to using a single sleeping bag.  I do not need this bag any longer.  Will tried using it, but he tosses and turns too much and the down-less bottom of the bag, always ended up on top, making him very cold.   Joon sleeps well in this bag, so it is hers now.  One feature of this bag that all three of us like, is the draw cord that tightens up the bag around your head is elastic.  This means you can pull it closed, to keep warm, but still move your arms in or out without loosening it.  In fact, you can crawl all the way out without loosening the draw cord.

Twin Quilt

Twin Quilt ZPacks

Tim and Ann

For more than 15 years Ann and I have been using a Feathered Friends semi-rectangular sleeping bag with a coupler.  This bag was our goto bag and worked well in all situations.  Although, it has two problems:  the first is its heavy.  It weights in at 53oz (3lb 5oz).  The second problem was its size.  When packed, it took up a large portion of a backpack.  With our smaller packs we needed a comparable sleeping bag that was lighter and smaller.  We looked at several two person bags (there are not a lot of them out there) and decided on the ZPacks Twin Quilt.

The ZPacks Twin Quilt is one of the lightest double sleeping bags on the market.  It weighs in at 30.75oz (1lb 14.75oz).  This bag has no bottom; not even a thin ground sheet.  Ours is rated at 20º and it is filled with 900 fill DryLoft (water-resistant down).  We used this bag for the last four years and have been very pleased with its interior room, warmth, and packed size.  One feature we did not have in our Feathered Friends bag was the ability to close off the middle of the top of the sleeping bag.  This is the location where cold, air comes in.  The ZPack bag will button in the middle and then it has a cord which prevents the cold air from coming in.  We really like this feature.

3 thoughts on “Sleeping Bags

  1. Thanks for you page. love following it. I think it’s really great to do this with your kids, as a family. was just wondering what kind of sleeping pads you are using? If you have a chance to answer. Good luck.


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