For many years we have tried to keep our base weight (the weight of all our gear excluding food and water) as low as possible.  The obvious reason for this is to make hiking more comfortable, hence, more pleasurable.  The lighter pack load also allows more miles in a day to be covered.  However, kids came along and our packs got heavier.  Ann and I, had to carry all the gear and food for four people.  Even though the two of them were very small, the weight added up.   Now the kids are big enough to take some of the load, however we still try to go as lite as possible.  Our base pack weight (everything except food and water) at the beginning of the PCT were:
Tim 15 lbs 15 oz
Ann 13 lbs 9 oz
Will 14 lbs 8 oz
Joon 13 lbs 7 oz
Most of our gear is made from companies that most people have never heard of, except for the ultra-lite backpacking community.  It has been designed to be light and functional.  With that, comes risks.  Often times it is fragile.


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