Heading Home

Day 162 (9/19/19)

Green Slouch and Hermione

We woke up in the AT Hostel on a beautiful crisp fall morning. Another day without a cloud in the sky. There will be some happy hikers heading up Mt Katahdin today. Since our hiking trip is over, we all slept in late. However, our hungry stomachs let us know it was time to wake up and head over to the cafe for breakfast. Sketch and Great Scott where there, along with Green Slouch and Hermione. Hermione is from Cambridge, England and Green Slouch is American. They met on their first day of hiking the AT way back in Georgia. They have been together ever since. Today is their last day together. I realized I never got a picture of the two together so just as they were departing, I quickly snapped one. Inside the cafe, the ceiling tiles are filled with signatures of past AT hikers. Each panel is assigned a year. Most hiking years take two ceiling tiles. They also have plenty of blank ones left for future years of hikers. The panels for 2019 were taken down and set aside with a basket of colored Sharpies to be used for signatures. During breakfast, I went over and signed for the Ravens. It is hard to believe it is all over with. It is a bitter sweet ending. The trail was so difficult, at times I longed for it to end. Other times, I reveled in the beauty of the woodland forests. No matter what, it was an amazing experience for all of us. Now it is time to go home. One sad note, we will have to leave Papa Ravens $170 hiking poles behind. They would not collapse down. Extended, they are to long to be allowed on the airplanes. The hostel said they will give them to a hiker that needs them.

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