Cold and cloudy

Hurd Brook Shelter
Day 159 (9/16/19)
Miles – 22.2
Total miles – 2149.5

To our surprise, last night started out noticeably warmer than previous evenings. Although, at some point during the night, the wind came up and temperatures cooled off rapidly. Come morning, it was cold again. As we left camp, we came to the end of Nahmakanta Lake where the wind was blowing hard and bitterly cold. It was nice to get out of its direct path. Of course, this being the AT, we had to climb to the top of Nahmakanta Mountain. We were rewarded with a few views of Mt. Katahdin that was covered in clouds. For a short time, we had a signal and we checked for a weather report. Katahdin should be clear on the 18th, the day we summit, but cold, with highs in the 30’s. Sounds like a good day to summit. After the one climb, the trail settled down and became somewhat level with the usual roots and rocks. Several more lakes we passed by, two of them were miles long. At one point we saw our first loon. We have heard numerous of them along the way, but never saw any until today. Loons are larger than we thought, both in body and in it’s head. Food has been very tight for since it is taking us longer than expected to get through the Hundred Miles Wilderness. Our calorie intake has been restricted because we do not have enough food! First break we ate the remainder of the food Papa Raven carried. Second break we consumed the rest of the food Bling is carrying. This was five M&M’s, two slices of dried tangerines, six macadamia nuts and a small handful of trail mix for each Raven member. Third break was an early dinner in which we ate the last dinner Mama Raven was carrying. The only reason we had this meal was because of the last two nights we have reserved a third of that dinner for tonight. The early dinner was needed for calories to continue hiking. In our tents we ate our Raspberry Crumb dessert. Tomorrow we will finish the last of the breakfast Whisper is carrying, which is half of a Belvita package for each person. Our food rationing worked out. It was not enough food for our comfort, but we did not starve. We will reach Abol Camping with no food. We will be very hungry in the morning. It is a good thing it is only 3.5 miles from here.

Great Scott

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