Day 153 (9/10/19) R
Miles – 18.2
Total miles – 2050.1

Early morning sunshine on our tents woke us. A rare event! The day dawned clear and cold. We really needed to make it to town today, because we only have food for lunch and we will be very hungry if we have to spend one more night on the trail. We dropped off of the mountain and stopped at a small stream just before the shelter. Mama Raven and Whisper were out of water thus we stopped and filtered. As we were filtering, we heard the voice of Randy coming from the direction of the shelter. Before we knew it he was at the stream to say hello to us since he recognized our voices talking. We assumed we would not see him again but here he was! He has been having problem with a small cut on the inside of his pinky finger that has become horribly infected. He had it wrapped up with Neosporin and a large bandage. The entire finger was terribly swollen. He said it was going to be ok and that this was how his body was ridden itself of the infection. We were not too confident with this but nothing else could be done until he gets to town this evening. We said are good byes as we finished filtering water and he headed up the trail. Over the next few hours, the trail went down an easy slope. As the trail paralleled a river for miles we made good time. It as very nice to hike along a river for a change. Water flowed passed cliff walls as it tumbled down boulders creating mini water falls. We took one long break along it’s shore. We relaxed by the water far longer than we should of. Somberly we know our trip is coming to an end. Very rarely do we just sit, talk, and laugh along a beautiful river. Usually we are trying to get as many miles in as possible. We were simply enjoying the moment since our end is near. The sky started to cloud over as we hiked down. There is a chance of rain tonight and tomorrow. We took the first path into Monson. It was a short two mile road walk into the small town. There were only three places to stay, a hostel, a church, and some rooms over a pub. Everywhere we called was filled. Shaw’s hostel was the only possible location with any space available for us. It looked like we would have to tent in the yard. Just as we began to look for a space, Hippie Hiker came out of the office to say they just got a cancellation from a hiker. It seems Randy arrived at Shaw’s a while ago. He showed the owner his finger who immediately took him to an urgent care. From there they sent him to the hospital to stay over night. It seems the infection was spreading up his arm and the entire pinky finger had become a raging mass of puss. All the hikers at Shaw’s are sending there prayers to Randy that the infection can be brought under control. Meanwhile, since he had to stay the night in the hospital, that freed up a room for us. Tomorrow we need to figure out many details about the ending of our trip and our ascent of Mount Katahdin. Everything needs a reservations, including our nights out on the trail. There is great desire to hike to the end terminus with our friends we have made along the way: Slerner, Shortcake, Letters, Broadway, Jeapordy, Tomatilla, Mozzie, Honey Buns, Wiggs, Tigha Balm, Sketch, Hermione and The Slouch. They are summitting on September, 17. However that would require us to leave early in the morning. Tonight, we have to go through our resupply boxes, mail home our bump box, make camping reservations for Katahdin and the AT lodge, air line tickets need to be purchased, go to the store for needed food, do laundry, shower , write blogs. . . the list goes on. As much as we would like to summit with them, it is not realistic. Summitting on September, 18 will have to be our date.


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