Surprise, a slack pack

NY 301 – Canopus Lake
Day 105 (7/24/19)
Miles – 18.2
Total miles – 1419.0

We all slept well after our long day in New York City. Christina prepared a breakfast feast of pancakes, waffles, eggs, and fruit. We talked with Adam about a slack pack.  We arranged to meet him at a road eighteen miles out. He would bring us our backpacks. Instead of carrying all our gear with us, we would just bring enough food and water for that day’s hiking.  Adam dropped is off at Bear Mountain Bridge at 9:30 and we started out. This is a very large bridge over the Hudson River. We were way above the Hudson’s muddy waters. A strong wind was blowing down river. It felt really good. The last time we were hiking the trail, the temperatures were over hundred. Other than crossing the bridge, today’s trail was uneventful. As usual, we hiked small ridges and valleys all tree covered. We did come across many dry stacked rock walls. Borders for property lines. There was one old barn foundation erected in the 1700’s. George Washington ordered it to be an inoculation station against small pox for New York troops during the Revaluation War. There was one surprise around lunch time. We came out of the trees to cross a road and there was a Shell gas station with a store and a grill! If we had known this we would have planned today’s food differently. Nonetheless, we were not going to pass up hot sandwiches and cold drinks. Finishing our hot lunch off, we had ice cream and fruit popsicles. Life’s little unexpected surprises on the trail are extra wonderful! We reached the road where we would meet Adam at nearly 7:30. We knew that he would not be there until around 9:00, after Dax’s baseball game. Thus we sat along the shoulder of the road had dinner, listened to our mp3 players, and scouted out a place for tonight’s camp. Time went by quickly. Bling fell deeply asleep on the ground. It was such a deep sleep we had a hard time waking him when Adam arrived at 9:20. He missed us first time around because of the dark and drove several miles before realizing he has gone too far. We text messaged him and told him we will have our phone light on this time around. It worked, he and his dog Sammy delivered our gear. After talking for a bit we said our goodbyes and thank you’s. Our visit with Adam and his family was a special treat. To say it was absolutely AWESOME is more accurate.

Bling and Sammy

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