Into Salisbury

Day 109 (7/28/19)
Miles – 6.3
Total miles – 1491.6

Knowing we had only seven miles to town, we allowed ourselves to sleep in this morning. We began a half an hour later than normal. It was a hot morning, so we feel lucky to be off the trail most of the day. It was a typical morning of hiking, up and down, up and down in the trees. As we passed by many rock walls, we kept wondering the history of them? We have encountered countless miles of them. At some point, someone had to pick up every one of them and add them to the pile. Countless hours of hard labor! By ten o’clock, we completed the last down of the day and walked into Salisbury, a vary quaint high end community of Connecticut. The two bed and breakfasts were filled, and that left the expensive White Hart Inn, established in 1806. It has been five days to reach here, and five more till the next town. That is ten days without a rest or getting clean. Mentally we need the afternoon off. Papa Raven called the upscale Inn. They gave him a descent price, but it would not be ready till three this afternoon. We hung out at the grocery store picnic area, talking to the few other hikers in town for the day. At three, we headed over to the Inn, but the room still was not ready so they put us in their finest suite for the same price. We have never stayed in a $310 a night room before! We had bathrobes, separate rooms, two TV’s, two bathrooms, beautifully furnished. We really feel like royalty! The only item they did not have is laundry. We hand washed the important items, and hung them up in the closets to dry. If this was the average hotel we stay in, we would have spread out all the sleeping bags and clothes outside to air. We felt that it would not be proper for a establishment as fine as this to do so. What ever does not dry by morning, we will wear wet or hang off the backpacks. At least they will be clean. PO opens at 8:30 in the morning, so we probably will not leave until 9:30 or 10:00. There are lots of blogs to write and photos to edit in the mean time.

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