After Allentown Shelter (1210.7)
Day 93 (7/12/19)
Miles – 19.0
Total miles – 1241.1

We were in no hurry because we would not be able to get a ride back to the trail before 9:00. The free Cabela,’s shuttle for AT hikers was in an accident late yesterday and is out of commission. Thus we had to find another method back to the trailhead. We ate breakfast and then Mama and Papa Raven walked over to the Walmart and gas station for some last minute items. When we returned to the hotel, we got the phone number of someone who provides rides for a small fee. One call later, we had a ride back to Port Clinton. Twenty minutes later Steve and his Boston Terrier, Sizzle, picked us up and dropped us off at the PO in Port Clinton. We shouldered our packs and started the climb out of town. It was a steep slow climb, but it was not too long, just about 2 miles. Over the next few hours, we did the ridge PUD walk then dropped down to Windsor Furnace area. Back in the 1700’s, there was a furnace here, but we saw no sign of it. It was a pretty park like setting, with a stream, cut green grass fields, and gravel paths leading in all directions. It was too nice of a spot to just pass through so we took a break. From there we headed back up to the ridge top. We encountered some other hikers that were slackpacking in the other direction. We have seen them numerous times but never had the opportunity to talk with them. We said hello and they mentioned this was there first time of slackpacking. Hiking without the heavy pack on the back fills light and airy! Every part of the body appreciates the freedom from the heavy burden, especially the feet! Eventually we dropped of the ridge and crossed to the next one, finally climbing up to Dan’s Pulpit. A good spot for our next break. We were running low on water so we headed to the Allentown Shelter. We filled everything plus extra for dinner at the spring. Buffy and Sunflower, who we have been bumping into for many weeks now were already there and setting up for a night’s stay. Briefly we talked to them before heading out. We were not planning on staying at the shelter so we pushed on, even though it was about 8:00. After about a mile and a half, we found a place that would fit our two large tents and settled down for the night. Just after leaving the spring, Whisper almost stepped on a rattlesnake. It was on the back side of a rock in the trail so it did not see her and she did not see it.. We all pulled back and waited for it to move off. Since we left so late this morning, we were surprised how many miles we covered today? We are happy with that.

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