Day 91 (7/10/19)
Miles – 18.8
Total miles – 1222.1

We wanted to make it to Port Clinton before the PO closed at 4:30, almost 19 miles away. A long distance to hike by closing time. Why it is important to make it in time is the PO does not open till 12:30 the next day. We will have to wait around several hours in a town where there is nothing, not even a gas station convenient store. Thus we woke up at 5:00 and got going. We were on the trail by six. There trail to town was mostly down so we moved quickly. The only problem we ran into was mud. A lot of it! Our pace would slow down as we would have to walk on the edges of the trail and push through the plants. When not bogged down, we had a brisk pace and covered the distance toward town. The last mile down to town was a 1,000 foot intense drop with deep steps that where one and half to two feet deep. It was a down we never, ever want to have to go up! We are hoping the up out of Port Clinton is nothing like the down. Nonetheless, we walked into Port Clinton around 3:30. We got our two boxes and stared looking for a way to Hamburg. Port Clinton only has only a B&B and no stores so it is not the best place to re-supply. The worlds largest Cabela’s is in Hamburg and they have a free shuttle service from Port Clinton to their store or the Microtel Inn. We gave them a call and a short time later the shuttle showed up off to town we went. Getting into town so late we will need more time to do our town chores, plus new shoes are badly needed.

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