Day 92 (7/11/19) R
Miles – 0
Total miles – 1222.1

We have settled in for a day off. The rain is supposed to come in early afternoon. Bling, Whisper, and Papa Raven need new shoes. New shoes usually are obtained every four hundred miles. Mama Raven got hers back at Duncannon. Bling’s bottoms are peeling away. Whisper’s are flat at the bottom after nearly eight hundred miles. They should have been replaced long ago but she did not want new ones earlier and we lost track of time. Papa Raven’s are flat at the bottom also, but his are only four hundred miles. Since they have the world’s largest Cabela’s in Hamburg, we went over to see if we could find new shoes. With luck, everybody has new shoes now. Upon Whisper’s request, Five Guys was for lunch. This is her favorite restaurant. Next, we headed to Walmart for a few missing items. The rest of the day was relaxing. It did rain a bit but not heavy nor hard. Tomorrow we head back to Port Clinton and then northward.

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