The Roller Coaster

Sand Spring (976.1)
Day 73 (6/22/19)
Miles – 19.7
Today miles – 1008.9

The sun hit our tents first thing this morning. That has not happened very often on this trip. This got us moving sooner than we have been and we were on the trail before 7:00. Our day started walking through open fields before heading back into the trees and down to Ashby Gap. As usual, we needed water. We stopped at Rod Hollow Shelter, filled our bottles and had a snack on a picnic table. It is a treat to eat at a table and to dangle the feet down. One of life’s daily routines that so many take for granted. Three meals a day, we sit and eat on the dirt along with the creepy, crawly things of life: ticks, caterpillars, ants, spiders, beetles. If we get lucky, there are rocks offering a relatively clean place to sit. From here we started the Roller Coaster. This is a series of small ridges and mountains that we needed to cross. The climbs and drops were no more than 400′, but there were a lot of them and no switchbacks. This meant that the trail was steep. The Roller Coaster went up and down for 13.5 miles. There was basically no views except for the Ravens Rocks right at the end. The other problem was that the trail was very rocky causing twisting and turning of the ankles all day long. Everyone’s feet, including Bling and Whisper, hurt by the end of the day. It was a tough day. Towards the end Mama Raven simply sat down on a particular hard up an claimed she was done and going home! She said this is cruel and some sort of unusual punishment! The Roller Coaster whooped us!!! We are all physically tired and ready for bed. We should reach Harper’s Ferry tomorrow.

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