A long day

South River Fire Road
Day 67 (6/16/19)
Miles – 25.0
Total miles – 913.0

We had a good night’s rest except for the wind that blew all night. That is what you get when you sleep at the top of a mountain. We packed up and got out of camp by 7:00, which is what we wish would happen every morning. More often than not we are out of camp by 7:30. The hiking was fast and easy over to the Loft Mountain Store, where we took our first break. We picked up chips, drinks, ice cream, and a chicken sandwich for Bling. After leaving the store we headed back to the AT and continued on our way. Today’s trail crossed the Skyline Drive many times. We would walk a ridge up to a small peak and then drop to a gap where we would come cross the road. Then we would do it again and again. We passed a number of shelters but never stopped at any of them. We did walk down to the Simmons Gap Ranger Station, where we could get water. Nearby the water pump at the ranger station, we soaked our feet in a small stream and had lunch. It was a long relaxing break. After lunch we continued today’s pattern of of walking up to a ridge and dropping down to a Gap and road. Late in the day we stopped at the Hightop Mt parking area for dinner. By this time we were getting tired and needed some calories to keep going. As it happens way too often, the last thing we do for the day is a big up. When at the end of the day you are so tired a big up is not what you want to be doing. But once again, that’s what happened. After several miles of up, we traversed along the side of a ridge. Finding a place to camp in the Shenandoah has been difficult although we finally came to an old flat dirt road and called it a day. Today was our biggest miles so far.

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