Before Petites Gap (747.3)
Day 58 (6/7/19) R
Miles – 20.6
Total miles – 781.2

We had just a few light sprinkles just as we went to sleep, then more in the morning. We were able to take down the tents and keep them dry. There were two big climbs today. The first was right off the bat. A 1,000′ up and a 1,000′ down. It would have been easier for everyone, including the trail builders, if we could have contoured around keeping the same elevation, but this is the AT! For some reason, trail designers think hikers want to reach the top of every ridge. Not true! On the CDT, or the PCT, at least we would be rewarded with an amazing view. Not so on the AT. It is just another tree lined ridge with absolutely no view. This is what we call a PUD (pointless up and down). It is a lot of hard work for nothing and drives hikers crazy! The second big climb went on forever. We had 3,000′ but over many miles. It started off steep and leveled off. As we climbed the rain came and went, but it was always lite. The higher we went the more constant the rain. We took a break at the first shelter we came to. Bryant Ridge Shelter was the most beautifully designed shelter we have seen. Two story with windows. Much thought went into it’s design and construction. The whole structure was timber frame using only wooden pens and joinery to piece the large beams together. We stayed there for an hour enjoying and studying the shelter. For us that was a very long break. The second shelter we came to we also stopped to eat. On rainy days the shelters are very handy for this purpose. They give us a dry place to get out of the rain. We joined back up with the Blue Ridge Parkway and followed it on and off. The third shelter we came to we past by, it was around 5:00 and we wanted to get a few more miles in before stopping for the night. Shortly after leaving our drizzle turned to a hard rain and it would not stop. We hiked several hours because we could not find a place to camp. When we did, three other people were there already. We got completely soaked setting up the tents. It is a good thing we carry extra dry clothes. We know it is suppose to rain tomorrow, hopefully it will not be as bad as it is right now. We shall see!

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