Happy town day, happy birth day!

Day 55 and 56 (6/4/19 and 6/5/19 R)
Miles 10.7
Total miles – 736.1

We slept in. It was 6:50 when we woke up. There are two good reasons: First there was the mouse. It started off in some of the trash outside Papa Raven’s door of the tent. Of course he slept through it, but Mama Raven did not. She tried to scare it away, but it kept coming back to chew on our food bags in the vestibule. Finally, Papa Raven got involved, and decided to fill him up with almonds. It worked, now back to sleep. No such luck for weary Ravens. Another mouse or the same one decided to nibble on Whisper’s bags, waking her in the process. She was not happy! We told her to crumble up some crackers to fill up the mouse. She crunched up two Wheat Thins for him and tossed them away from her vestibule. It did the trick! Finally Ravens sleep. The second reason to sleep in was all Whisper’s fault. Today is her birthday and as usual when there is a birthday on the trail, sleeping in permitted. What would she ask for next? Getting to go horseback riding? Before we left our home, Whisper researched locations along the AT that she could ride a horse. The only location she found was in Harper’s Ferry, four food drops away. Thus she will have to wait a little while for her Birthday present. This is a short day of hiking, a little more than 10 miles. We set out on a easy ridge walk. There were some small PUDs, but for the most part it was level/downhill. We walked into town at about 11:00. We got something to drink and then found a room. The room we got was run down. Nonetheless it was cheap. We quickly got showers and did laundry. Bling and Papa Raven walked 1 mile to the PO. Luckily, a man at the PO offered to gave them a ride back to our hotel. Given we had 5 boxes, we eagerly excepted. Addition to the usual food boxes, we also had the bump box and a large box of new shoes for Papa Raven and Bling. We worked at getting ready to hike out, we just did not know if we would be leaving tomorrow or the next day. It is suppose to rain tomorrow and it would be a birthday present for Whisper. We have not yet decided. As night came on Whisper got to choose where we would eat dinner and we walked over to the Cracker Barrel. We will decide tomorrow if we go or stay.

We stay, but not in our existing hotel. The rooms lack of cleanliness condition has gotten to us. There are three other hotels in town that we will try. Whisper and Papa Raven walked back to the PO to mail our bump box forward. Next, they headed to the store to pick up a few lunch items before we leave. Whisper had them wander through a cemetery. The oldest grave was a gentleman, who died in 1830’s and was 66 when he died. That means he was born in the late 1700’s. After getting back to our room, we loaded up the packs and headed to another hotel. Two out of the three hotels were filled for tonight. The weather calls for heavy rain today and next four days. This means the rooms are filling up with hikers wanting to stay out of the rain. Luckily we got a room at the last hotel. We will not worry about the upcoming weather until tomorrow. For today we will enjoy ourselves in a dry room.

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