A quite time

Pickens, SC
Day 12 and 13 (4/22/19 and 4/23/19)
Miles – 0
Total miles – 93.5


Mama Raven slept through the night, first time in twelve days. She was tired all morning. We sorted through the food and got the packs ready to head out. Our plans on leaving are a bit up in the air. Gutsy needs to help a friend at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon and she wants be with us as we leave Deep Gap. We are thinking of not leaving until tomorrow night and camping at Deep Gap. That way we can start hiking first thing Wednesday morning. Another zero will give Mama Raven and Bling more time to heal. Last night, Whisper, Mama Raven, and Gutsy stayed up late and watched a movie called Temple Grandin. All three loved the movie.
Around noon we all took a drive to see some of the local sights. First we went to an old mill just outside of town. None of the buildings were open but we could see the 20′ water wheel, an old whiskey still, and the cotton gin. Next we drove to Table Rock, a large rock out cropping northeast of town. Our last stop was Cesar’s Head. The top of this large rock wall was about 2000′ above Pickens and it had great views across the South. They are a number of hiking trails all about these mountains. It is really pretty country.
On the way back to the house, Bling informed us that he had a sore throat. Great, the one person who had not gotten sick is starting to show signs. If we can keep it to just a sore throat, that will be great. Not hiking will also help. We are still planning on driving up to Deep Gap tomorrow afternoon. Our plans have changed so many times in the last week, I do not know what will happen. One of the major thing to a successful thru-hike is to be flexible. We’re doing our best.


This was another rest day. We did a little work on our food section. Since we are slack packing part of it, we will not need some of the food we sent. If we do not need it, why carry it? We did pick up some medicine for Bling. We are hoping, if he rests today, he will not develop a bad cold. Odometer told us about a AT hiker in Tennessee, weilding a machete on the trail at other hikers. Police are hunting for the man. Hope they catch him soon before somebody gets hurt and before we reach Tennessee!
In the late afternoon we loaded up the van and drove to Deep Gap. We made a stop at the South Carolina/Georgia border and the other stop at an Ingles grocery store in Franklin, North Carolina. We needed dinner. We made it to Deep Gap before the sun set. We pitched our tents and everyone crawled into the van to play a few hands of Skip Bo, a game Gusty and Odometer tought us. Odometer said the machete weilding hiker has been arrested. Good!

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