What! Another zero?

Day 9 (4/19/19) R
Miles – 0
Total miles – 77.8

Another storm, more lightening, pouring rain, roaring wind, and another zero! This is not what we expected when we began our hike over a week ago. The hotels in Hiawasee are filled to capacity with hikers. Mama Raven gets another day of rest. She woke this morning with an actual voice although, it is a good bit sqeecky but, she can speak again! Slowly she is improving. We were going to go to the Urgent Care for some antibiotics, however the Urgent Care in the guide does not exist. There is a hospital, but she does not want to go to the ER for a simple head cold. Additionally, we tried some local physicians but they do not take walk ins and no appointments were available. Thus we will continue the decongestion medicine from the drugstore. Rosiewalking recommend wintergreen essential oils for congestion. We have not found any in the local store here in Haiwassee. but we will keep any eye open for it further along the trail.
Having only hiked barely eighty miles of the AT does not allow us to be experts of the trail. There is no disrespect in this comment but many hikers on the AT are a different type of hikers than what we are familiar with on the PCT and CDT. First of all, smoking is common on the AT. It is nearly unheard of on the other trails. The most common question we are always asked is do we carry a weapon? No we don’t. However out here I am beginning to think it is common. We have actually seen a hiker or two wearing a gun and gun belt. Also a large knife tied down to their leg has been observed a few times. We noticed, when a shelter was reached by mid afternoon that is where their day of hiking ends. We are not known for being fast hikers however, out here, when ten miles is a big day for most of the other hikers, our fifteen mile days are looked at in awe, we are surprised by this, especially since we know we are not hiking at our top form right now. Despite these minor differences we have enjoyed the hikers we have met along the way.
We just want to say thank you for all of your good wishes and encouragement sent to us in the comment section. We might not respond back individually, but all The Ravens read and savor every one of them! We are always surprised that the same people keep following our hiking blog. You have all become endearing members of our hiking family and as much as you like to hear about our hiking adventures, we equally excited to hear from you.
Our plans are changing, just a bit. Gutsy and her husband, Odometer will slack pack us tomorrow. That will make this next section a bit easier. A slack pack us when you hike part of the trail with minimal gear, and someone brings the rest of your other equipment to your endpoint.

5 thoughts on “What! Another zero?

  1. I have heard so much about the AT and following you four has been an eye opener. Seems like the rain is a normal occurrence which is so hard to march through day after day. I am praying for sunnier days ahead, clear heads and good meds! Mama Raven, you are the toughest bird I know and so amazed by your incredible grit! You are no doubt Wonder Woman of the trail. May Gods blessings be overflowing during this Easter. Know that He is with you all each and every step. Love to you all and pray for health to you all. Happy Easter…


  2. Sorry to hear that the flu is still an issue for y’all, hope everyone’s at 100% by now! Here are some kitty photos from today, the other critters are doing fine as well 🙂
    The Ravens wrote on 4/19/2019 7:23 PM: > WordPress.com > theravens15 posted: “Hiawassee Day 9 (4/19/19) Miles – 0 Total miles – > 77.8Another storm, more lightening, pouring rain, roaring wind, and > another zero! This is not what we expected when we began our hike over > a week ago. The hotels in Hiawasee are filled to capacity with hik” >


  3. Happy Easter Ravens! You are God’s children and I know you are protected. I must say it’s unsettling about weapons and hearing that you’re meeting new hikers. Can’t wait to see more picture and read about your adventures! Please know that “the Nedds” are praying for you and await your safe return.


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