Slow but sure, that’s all she can do

Addis Gap
Day 7 (4/17/19)
Miles – 15.49
Total miles – 72.7

Well Mama Raven was no better this morning. Again, she has no voice , and her head is filled with congestion. We did not push it today and took our time on the ups. We just keep plugging along and made 15.5 miles by 6:30. That is when we called a halt and put Mama Raven to bed.
We had two big obstacles today, both were ups. We got out of camp after 8:00 and contoured over to Blue Mountain and then the trail dropped about 1000′. We stopped to eat something before starting a steep 1000′ climb. Just before we left, a SUV drives up with a man we met back in Neels Gap. He wanted to interview us for his YouTube channel. Papa Raven did the interview since Mama Raven could not speak. We will post the URL when he has it up. His wife offered Mama Raven some extra strength congestion medicine. She eagerly accepted the offer. They warned us of the upcoming storm and said we should wait it out. We will see. We said our good byes and headed up the mountain.
The up did not take too long, it was just the biggest we have experienced on the AT. Shortly after reaching the top, we started down the other side and the beginning of our next big up, Indian Grave Gap. At the gap was the same couple who interviewed us but this time they were doing trail magic. We got a few things to eat and drink, talked with everyone sitting there, and then started up. This up was a little gentler but a good bit longer. It was well into the afternoon before we reached the top. Then we rode ridges until we called it quits for the day.
The weather was warm today and started out clear. As the day went along, clouds began to move in. Tomorrow night is suppose to start raining and continue into Friday. There is suppose to be four inches of rainfall. We are not sure what we will do. Mama Raven has been fighting this cold for a week now and she is not getting better. Being in the rain will not help. We are thinking about picking up our food at Dick’s Creek Gap and heading down to Hiawassee. There is an Urgent Care there. We will get to Dick’s Creek Gap mid-morning tomorrow.

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