Neel Gap
Day 4 and 5 (4/14/19, 4/15/19) R
Miles – 0
Total miles – 40.1

The wind started before we went to bed and it went on all night. As the sun came up, so came the rain. It was a hard rain. It continued all morning and finally started to break up mid afternoon. There was a tornado warning nine miles away in Blairsville, which is where Gutsy took us for dinner last night. Flood warnings were all around us. Thunder and lightening storms passed by all day. We are very relieved to not have been hiking in such extreme weather conditions. As the sun set everything was breaking up and blue sky could be seen. Tomorrow it is supposed it be clear, cold, and windy. We will be hiking out.


Whisper is still having coughing fits and Mama Raven is still sick. She has no strength, congested, coughing, and very tired. We have decided to stay one more day. Hiking out would be very hard on her on such a windy and cold day. It is in the mid 30’s outside with very strong winds. Mama Raven settled down in the cabin for the day. Bling and Whisper walked up to the outfitter up at the gap. We needed AAA batteries, and something different to eat. For the most part, we had a quite day in the cabin. Mama Raven slept a lot. We watched the heartbreaking news of Notre Dame Cathedral. Sometime in the afternoon, the wind let up and the air warmed up into the low 40’s. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer with light wind. Another storm is coming in Thursday night and Friday. Welcome to the East coast!


2 thoughts on “Zero

  1. Nice to see your all back on trail again but sorry to hear of the sickness in the family, rest well!
    I am the one that found mama ravens sandisc while you were hiking on the CDT.
    What shoes does moms raven wear as I also have troubles getting shoes wide enough and horrible blisters while hiking in New Mexico


    • Kathleen,

      It is so good to hear from you! I like Altra shoes. The extra wide toe box is the most comfortable tennis shoe I have ever warn. However there is a stipulation I will get to later. I prefer the Altra Olympus because of the thickness of the bottom of the shoe. Many thru hikers are happy with the Lone Peak, such as Papa Raven. When I hiked in them for any length of time, the bottom of my feet hurt too much. I tried Olympus and was much happier. Now my stipulation…Hiking all day for many days, my feet swell. This makes my beloved Olympus Altra painful to wear across the widest section of my foot. Unfortunately, Altra does not make a wider version. I am experimenting with the men’s version. I hike in size 8.5 (that is a half size larger then normal). I bought a size 8 mens, knowing it would be a bit big. Yes, it was too long in length, but not any wider in width. I tried Bling’s size 10. The width met my needs. I tried one more purchase ( getting to be an expensive experiment). I purchased men’s 9. Once again the width was wide enough, but still a little too long. I am willing to have a shoe that is a bit too long for the comfort of the right width. The added length has caused my hiking to be sloppy. I have stumbled for more than normal. Despite this, the width as been a perfect match for my extra wide feet. I am starting to get the hang of the added length. Four hundred miles from now, I am receiving a pair of New Balance W840go.v4, double EE. I tried these on, in a New Balance store, and was pleasantly pleased with them. I will keep you posted on how well they work or not.


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