Well, it’s a beginning

Hawk Mountain Campsite
Day – 1 (4/11/19)
Miles – 15.8
Total miles – 15.8

We were up and moving by 7:00 and took care of a few last minute things, packed the car, and went to breakfast. Chick-Fil-A is very popular in the east. There seems to be one on every other corner. This was our first time eating at them (except for Bling) and our final meal before our hike. Mrs. Bunt and The Ravens had a leisurely breakfast and began driving to Amicalola Falls by 9:00am. Whisper feels better today but her cough is out of control. Yesterday, Mrs. Bunt took us to a drugstore for cough medicine to help her, but she is still plagued with bouts of cough fits. When we arrived, we stopped at the visitor center to sign in and get a short talk about the trail and what to expect. Additionally, we were given official AT tags for our packs. We are hikers number 2113, 2114, 2115, and 2116. This means there are 2,112 hikers already on the trail and roughly 2,000 more that have not been counted. Only 30% will make it to Maine. We definitely not on the CDT trail where only three hundred began the trail. Mrs. Bunt drove us further up the mountain to the trail head. It was 11:00 and we took a few pictures, said our goodbyes, and headed up there trail. Despite Whisper being sick, we had a great day yesterday hanging out with Mrs. Bunt in her new home outside of Atlanta. Thank you Mrs.Bunt!!! We had 7.7 miles of hiking to get to the top of Springer Mountain, the official beginning of the AT.
The trail rolled up into short mountain tops then dropped us down to saddles, but it was always climbing. Just before our last push to Springer Mountain, we took a brief break. We ate 1/3 of the amazing brownies our dear friend Karin made for us. We topped it off with See’s Candy provided by Broc and family. The rest of the climb to the top of Springer Mountain went by quickly, and were at the beginning of the AT. We did not stay long. We took a few pictures, loaded the packs on our backs and headed out. The next section was easy, being all down. The miles rolled by. When we reached the bottom, we stopped for dinner. Next, there was a long climb back up to the ridges. When it was almost dark, we came into Hawk Mountain Shelter and stopped for the night. We pitched our tent amongst ten other tents. We avoided the biggest and flattest spot because if it rained it looked like it would become a pond. Nearly sixteen miles starting after 11:00am, not bad for our first day. We are all tired, but that is to be expected.

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