We’re getting close

With only two weeks to go before our departure date, we are going crazy! There is still so much that has to be done. Between school and the trip, we are swamped. If we did not have to contend with the school matters, there would be much less stress. However, we cannot ignore Bling and Whisper obligations. In these closing two weeks, they have a play, speech, two science fair projects, and two in class presentation along with their usual school assignments. As for getting ready for the AT, we have just about finished preparing our re-supply boxes. We are still collecting gear. It is like Christmas around here with daily deliveries from UPS and Postal service. We are in the process of obtaining missing gear such as socks, shirts, shorts, insolite pads, two backpack belts, and numerous little items. Treating our clothes, shoes, packs, and tents with permethrin is our next big project. This product is a chemical that kills ticks. Our biggest concern for the AT is avoiding Lyme disease, which is all too common back east. There also is a bit of sewing that needs to be done such as making pack covers and tarps. We recently finalized who will be our house and cat sitter while we are gone. The final intense push is upon us. All The Ravens are looking forward to the day we can walk away!