Now that was a hard day

Miles – 14.2
Total miles – 232.87

It was darker than normal when we woke. There were clouds covering the sky to the east and they were blocking the morning sun. We ate, packed, and started off for Clouds Rest. It did not take long to reach its summit. The views were wonderful in all directions. We did not stay long because there was a cold wind blowing from out of the East. As we started down we could see Half Dome below us to the South. It took a few hours to reach the trail junction for Half Dome. We stashed our packs a ways off of the trail, took one bottle of water and started for Half Dome. The climb was not bad until we came to the first quarter dome. It had steps going up one side. The climb was slow. As we rounded it’s top we came to the cables. Mama Raven was not looking forward to this. They are posts about every 10 feet with a 2×4 to stand on. Slowly we worked our way up. It was very hard work and it tired our hands and arms as well as our legs. After an eternity, we reached the top. We spent some time at the top, resting, taking pictures, and peeking over the edge. We found a hole in the middle of the top where a dropped rock would make noise for about 15 seconds. Finally, it was time to head down. Walking down the cables is easier than going up. You have to stand up and control your speed with your hands. Your hands do get very tired. Finishing the cables we hiked down the quarter dome and back to our packs. All and all it took about four hours to summit Half Dome and return. Now came a very long down, all the way to the valley floor. We took the fastest route down, our tired leg protesting the whole way. We finally reach the bottom around 5:30. We took the first bus to backpacks camp and setup. It was a very hard day and we are all very tired.

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