Not a hard day

Near Clouds Rest
Miles – 16.5
Total miles – 218.67

It was another cold night and we were not in a hurry. The store did not open until 8:00. We got up and talked with Catwater and the other volunteers before packing. Soon it was time to head off. We said our goodbyes and walked over to the store. We picked up some bear claws and drinks and sat in the meadow eating. Finally, it was time to start hiking. Our first objective was Glen Aulin. We have been out that way a number of times. There are a few locations where there are large flat slabs of granite with the Tuolumne River passing by. It is really pretty. Just before we reached Glen Aulin we took a trail south to McGee Lake. From the point all the way to Half Dome is trail we have never been on. Something new. After passing McGee Lake we did a few ups and downs and after a few hours we arrived at Tenaya Lake. We took a long break there and soaked our feet. Soon after leaving Tenaya Lake we started a long steep up. We did not expect this, but we pushed through. Late in the day we stopped at the only barely flowing water to filter and cook dinner. After eating, we decided to push on a little more. With the mountains painted in reds and oranges, with the setting sun, we came to a flat area and stopped for the night. Tomorrow we will summit Clouds Rest, Half Done, and hiking down to The Valley.

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