An easy day

Beyond Rush Creek (927.24)
Miles – 12.39
Total miles – 187.64

We had a good night’s rest in a warm room. Around 7:00 we went down for breakfast, then returned to our room to finish packing. We headed out of the hotel a little before 8:00. We made a quick stop at Shachts for bread before heading to the bus stop. Our timing was a little off and we had to wait 20 minutes for the next bus to The Village. From there we cough the bus for Reds Meadow, but we did not go there far. We got off at Agnew Meadow. Now the climb started. The trail goes up the east side of the valley. Almost the whole way up we had wonderful views across the valley, at the Ritter range, Banner peak, and the mountains far to the South. We took a long break and soaked our feet at 1000 Island Lake. This lake is one of the most beautiful lakes along the whole trail. It is very large and dotted with tree covers islands. After a bit we continued on to Islands Pass, one of the flattest passes we know of. In fact, we have trouble knowing where it is. Every time we have crossed it, we try to figure out where the top is, but we are still not sure. After crossing the pass we hiked on to Rock Creek and then kept going toward Donohue Pass. Since the trail is easy once we cross Donohue Pass we decided to start early tomorrow. We had plenty of time to cross the pass today, but we just did not need to rush. We will be in Tuolumne tomorrow with no problem.

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