A hard day

Rea Lakes (793.48)
Miles – 12.01
Total miles – 62.08

We woke to find that Whisper was feeling better, so we are heading back up. We were hoping to get a ride back to Onion Valley at 6:30, but Jim was not at the motel. After a bit I figured out that he had gone to Lone Pine. So we ate breakfast and waited. He returned around 9:00. After he took care of a few things we loaded our packs into his car and we headed up to Onion Valley. We finally got on the trail around 10:00.
The hike out of Onion Valley is a hard one and we were not looking forward to it. We slowly worked our way back to the spring we camped at several nights ago and stopped for a break to fill our water bottles and eat. To keep the weight down we left  with very little water, knowing we would fill up here. The last 1.5 miles to the pass was tough on Mama Raven and I. Two days off, heavy packs (We are carrying seven days of food), and the attitude took a toll on us. We moved very slowly.  We were happy when we reached the pass, because we had three miles of down before our next climb.  Just before we reached the PCT we took a lunch break and relaxed. There was a flat rock with sun shining on it and Mama Raven tried to take a nap. Clouds were forming up, but never built into thunderheads.  This would become our first rain free day of the trip. Our next objective was to summit Glen Pass. We had about four miles and 1000′ climb.  That should have been easy, but it was not, for Mama Raven and I. We were not moving very fast and we could not get enough air. Our bodies have not adapted to this altitude. We even lost ground acclimating, sitting at 4000′ for two days. We did make the pass, but the kids got there way before us. Now we had a big drop down to Rea Lakes. Toward the bottom Mama Raven was really dragging, she had no energy. With 1.5 hours of daylight left, we were going to stop for a snack, but instead we found a campsite. Yes, we could have gotten 2 or 3 more miles in, but this location has a bear box. The Black Bears in this area are very bad. Using the bear boxes helps us prevent any problems.  With the late start and stopping a bit early we are behind where I hoped we would be. Tomorrow’s fun will be Pinchot Pass.

2 thoughts on “A hard day

  1. Fabulous pictures as always. They sooth my soul.
    Meant to say that it was déja vu seeing Will on the Woods Creek bridge, remembering the PCT cover of 4-5 years ago!!
    Hope you are all settling into the fall routine.


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