A lot of elevation change

Near Fish Creek (889.37)
Miles – 19.38
Total miles – 157.99

Last night was the coldest yet. High clouds covered the sky, but they burned off as the day went on. Today we have a lot of elevation change, over 9000′ of it. We started out by hiking down to the bottom of Bear Ridge. This was several miles and not difficult. Next we climbed to the top of Bear Ridge and traversed across it. The drop on the other side brought us to Mono Creek. We took a nice long break on the smooth, flat rocks edging the river. Once finished, we started the +3000′ climb up Silver Pass. We were not looking forward to this climb because the beginning is in the exposed sun with very little shade. We moved slowly and sweat a lot.  As we gained elevation the temperature drop a bit and we moved off into the trees. We past a beautiful meadow with a slow meandering stream in it. Then we climbed up next to Silver Lake. When we reached the far side, we followed some switchbacks to the pass. From the top we had a great view North and we could see, for the first time, the fire burning southwest of Devil’s Post Pile. There was a thick line of smoke heading east. We did not stay at the top of the pass long before dropping down into the valley in the North side. After hiking for several miles we stopped for dinner near a small stream. With only an hour or two of daylight left, we hiked to Fish Creek then turned up the valley looking for a camp site. A mile later we found one and set up home for the night.


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