Rain storms

Spring below Keasarge Pass (R)
Miles – 16.4
Total miles – 47.04

The kids had a better night, but the parents did not. It takes several days for our bodies to get used to sleeping on the ground. We had to keep flipping from side to side because our hips hurt. Morning came cold and clear. That is what you get when you camp at over 12000′. We packed our gear and started hiking before the sun hit is. The valley which leads to Forester Pass is tight with high sides and it takes a awhile for the sun to rise. It did not take long for us to reach the switchbacks at the bottom of the pass, then we started up. Huffing and puffing we reached the top of the pass at 13118′. We took a short break there for pictures and to talk to a ranger, then we started a long down. As we were hiking the 8 miles down to where our trail cuts up out of the valley, thunderstorms began to build up. We stopped for a break at the bottom and it started to rain, then hail, then more rain and hail. We sat under a thick tree, umbrellas out, and watched it come down. After 20 minutes or so it let up and we started the climb. It continued to rain on and off over the next 3 or 4 hours. We hiked up to the cutoff for Bullfrog Lake then we headed east. We are heading out tomorrow to Independence to pick up food the next section. Bling was pushing to go over Kearsarge Pass today and shorten tomorrow. We had plenty of light when we reached the last place to camp before the pass, so we hiked on. This pass is lower than Forester at 11790′ but Mama Raven and I still had a hard time with the altitude. It was slow getting up, but we made it. After reaching the top I had a bloody nose.  The air is very dry and it just started bleeding.  I needed to call the hotel to arrange a time for them to pick us up tomorrow and I was told that I only had phone reception on the pass. I tried to get a signal with my smart phone to no avail. Then I switch to Mama Ravens flip phone. Flip phones have larger antennas and I was able to leave them a message. We started down. Our objective was a spring about a mile over the pass. It did not take long to reach it and we found a good location to camp. We only have about 3 miles to Onion Valley and then we will wait for our ride.

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