Well it’s a start

Rock Creek (760.43 R)
Miles – 14.73
Total miles – 14.73

Well, we started another summer backpacking trip. We left home Friday afternoon and drove to Lone Pine.  On Saturday we got our permit and dropped two boxes of at the hotel in Independence. We will be getting back there in several days. In the early afternoon, my sister and her son arrived in Lone Pine. They will be taking our car back to Reno while we hike North. This morning we all went out for breakfast, then loaded up the cars and headed to Horseshoe Meadows. The drive is about 22 miles and we climbed over 6000′.  We unloaded, talked for a bit, then the Ravens started hiking. Two days ago we were in San Diego at nearly sea level and now we were hiking at 10800′. We had to climb up Cottonwood Pass, 11145′ and then go a bit higher to Chicken Spring Lake before we could start down. The altitude was very hard on Mama and Papa Raven. The kids seemed to handle it well. It took us about two hours to reach the pass. By this time the clouds were building. We past Chicken Spring Lake and started the traverse toward the drop to Rock Creek. They was one big clap of thunder and soon it started to rain. We stopped to put on jackets and pack covers. It rained on and off for about an hour.
One nice thing about being up this high is the temperature. Down in Lone Pine it had been over 100°, back home it had been in the mid 90’s, but up here it is the high 60’s. Time for our coats to come out.
Now that the main up for the day was over we had a much easier time hiking. The altitude is mainly a problem only when we are walking up. Working our way across the mountain was not very hard and we moved along quickly. As the afternoon went on we started to slow down. This is our first day and we were feeling it. We decided to stop for the night at the Rock Creek crossing, mainly because it has bear boxes. A few hours before sundown we reached the Rock Creek crossing and found a place to setup the tents. It was earlier than normal, but it is our first day. All and all it was not bad.
Happy birthday, Mama Raven.


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