Not bad for the second day

Valley below Forester Pass (776.38 R)
Miles – 15.91
Total miles – 30.64

It was a hard night. Whisper and Bling fell asleep by 7:30. Whisper woke in the middle of the night with a headache. Instead of asking us for a Morton she lay awake, then she drifted in and out of sleep for the rest of the night. Bling wake around 1:00 and was ready to get up. He lay there for hours before drifting back asleep. When morning came both kids were ready to get up and not lay in the tents any longer. The day began by climbing up a valley next to Guyot Creek. It is not a big up, but we still had problems with the attitude. The trail went down to a small ridge and around it to Crabtree Meadow.  This is a large meadow near the base of Mt Whitney. We were running low on water, but we decided to continue now a few more miles. At Sandy Meadow we stopped to filter water and eat. Just as we were finishing, it started to sprinkle. Out came our rain coats and pack covers. The thunderstorm was to the South and we were able to hike away from it. We reached Wallace Creek and then Wright Creek. We were getting tired as we climbed up to Bighorn Plateau. Bighorn Plateau had one of the best views in the Sierra’s. The land drops away to the Kern River and you have wide open views for about 270°. Mama Raven would have loved to camp there, but it was too early. The day was getting late as we dropped down to the plateau to Tyndell Creek. After crossing the creek we stopped for dinner. We wanted to get a few more miles closer to Forester Pass so we hiked until the sunset. We were really dragging with we found a place to camp. It is just two flat pads with some rock protecting us. The temperature dropped fast and we are all now snuggled in our sleeping bags.


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