Fall is Here!

Trail 438 on the fire alt (?R)
Day 153 – 9/21/17
Miles – 22.5
Total miles – 2371.2

Whisper and Dundee

We got up at 6:30 and completed our packing, most of it was done last night. Next, we walked, with our packs, down to the Lambkin for breakfast. It was cold, about 30°. After breakfast, we started out of town. We had heard from Hot Rod that the hardware store had kid sized gloves, so we swung in and picked up a pair for Whisper. The sky was filled with broken clouds as we walked the seven miles down Hwy 200. We were apprehension as we walked. Today’s weather was fine, however tomorrow’s is the problem. It is suppose to be a cold snow storm coming through. When it hits us, we will be at our highest point of this section.  We are nervous what the weather will have in store for us. Are we prepared and do we have the right gear to get us through safely? We will find out tomorrow. Meanwhile, we turned off Hwy 200 and headed north up another paved road. The landscape is covered in pine and Aspen, huckleberry bush, bear grass and other low growing plants we do not know. The wildflowers are long gone. Much of the vegetation is turning yellow, orange, and red. Fall is here! Above us, the mountain tops have snow and the air is cold. It was very pretty. Yes, fall is here, but tomorrow it will be winter. The fire alt took us from road to road and finally onto trail. We worked our way to Heart Lake were we had dinner and then into the next valley. We are now headed up the last trail, which will connect us back with the CDT. In the sun, it was comfortable but as the day ended the temperature dropped. We are now camped in a open area with no trees above us. The only other people out here are a few hunters but there are not even many of them. As we are warm in our sleeping bags, we can hear a sprinkling on our tent. It may be rain or it may be snow.  Because it is so bitterly cold, we have no desire to put our heads out of the comfortable tents to find out.  It is suppose to snow tonight and tomorrow. We hope it does not get too heavy. However, the local weather reports, does not offer us anything to lift our spirits. Nonetheless, we are prepared, but we are not looking forward to it.


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