Blue Skies As Far As the Eye Can See

Hwy 2 ()
Day 160 – 9/28/17
Miles – 23.0
Total miles – 2510.5

It was a cold night with frost covering parts of the tents. We were slow in getting going and we did not leave until 8:00. This was the first day in several weeks where we had blue skies all day, not a cloud anywhere in the sky. It has been several weeks since we have woken to a perfectly blue sky. We headed up the trail and quickly came to our first stream crossing where Papa Raven dunk his foot.  He became a cranky Papa Raven.  We worked our way up Morrison Creek and down to it’s trailhead. We meet a thru-hiker named Phish Out Of Water, who also hiked the PCT in 2015. We had much to talk about, since that was the year we hiked the PCT. He informed us that Napoleon and Red Cross past us this morning and we never saw them. The three of them will be hitching to East Glacier from Hwy 2. Tomorrow, they will slack pack this section. Today, we will be hiking in from the trailhead along Hwy 2.  We hiked a little farther down the road. It was getting dark and are clothing are also dark so we decided it was safest to set up camp and finish hiking the road in the morning. We should have about 7 miles into town.

Phish Out Of Water


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