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Spotted Bear River (SB_2.9 R)
Day 157 – 9/25/17
Miles – 20.5
Total miles – 2441.7

Being so far north and later in the year, we are getting up later and later. It is simply too cold and very dark. This morning was no different and when we did get moving, we found that the tent and sleeping bags were very wet. That is what we get camping so close to a river, but we had no choice. We hoped to dry it at some point today, but one look at the sky told us that that might not happen. The sky was full of gray clouds. Around 7:30 we started up the valley. As we gained elevation, snow appeared. It did not get very deep, although, it was a nascence. As it melted, the trail became covered with slippery, sticky mud.  As we topped our first saddle, we came to one end of the Chinese Wall. This is a ridge of vertical rock that loomed above us, which runs for miles. We hiked just below it. As we walked, clouds rolled over the wall and us. It rained several times. Just enough to get everything wet and prevent us from drying out our equipment. Snow is a good place to see what animals have used the trail by the footprints they leave behind in the snow.  Often we see deer, elk, moose, and bear prints but today we saw prints of a pack of wolfs. We think they past this way a day or two ago. They were hunting, because their tracks went everywhere, sometime down hill, other times up, then they would go every which way. Just before My Lake, Napoleon and Red Cross showed up. We hiked together for a little while and we caught up on what they did for the last food drop. They needed to go to Augusta, but the couple who picked them up took them all the way back to Helena then up to their cabin back in Benchmark. A short time after leaving My Lake, we came to Spotted Bear Pass and the beginning of it next fire alt. This alt will take us around three fires in The Bob. Apparently, despite the fires being out due to all the snow and rain over the past two weeks, the trails are still closed. Thus, down to Spotted Bear River we went, stopping once to eat dinner and filter water.  As it got dark, we could not find a place to camp because of all the undergrowth. We kept hiking with our headlamps on. Eventually we came to a river. As we crossed, we found Napoleon and Red Cross in their tent on the other side. They were enough places to put up our tents. Mama and Papa Raven’s tent went up in the middle of the trail and Whisper and Bling’s was tucked up underneath a large pine tree down the trail a short distance. We were thankful we had found home for the night.

Napoleon and Red Cross


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