A Nice Sunny Day

Morrison Creek ()
Day 159 – 9/27/17
Miles – 23.2
Total miles – 2487.5

In the cold morning, we had a few clouds but mostly clear sky. Hurray!!! Our camp was in the heart of a blackened burned forest. There were very few plants and those that were there, were small, just starting to regrow. The ground was black. Tree trunks were black and silver, All and all a very desolated place. Since we were so exposed last night, we got a great deal of condensation. The tents looked like it had rained on them, and of course, the ash stuck to the wet gear. After rolling the tents up, our hands were black. We packed everything wet and hiked out of the blackened forest. We crossed to the next valley system and started down toward Schaffer Meadow. In a short time, we left the burned area and entered thick forest. The clouds built up so thick to cover up the sun. Occasionally, the sun would peek out, only to disappear again. The walk to Schaffer Meadow was not hard.  Most of our time was spent hiking in a low level river valley. When the sun finally came out full force, we stopped to eat lunch and dry our gear. It was a relief to have everything dry. We never know how long we will be blessed with it’s presence. In the late afternoon, we came to Schaffer Work Center and a Forest Service airport. Actually, it was just a grassy spot where planes could land. We talked with the volunteer ranger before heading out. He told us that tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and then the weather will get bad again. We hope to get into East Glacier that day. About half hour later, as we walked down a long straight stretch of trail, we saw a bear ahead of us. It too was meandering down the trail. We all grouped up. It was a small, dark brown bear. It was walking away from us. Yelling “hello bear” as loud as we could, it looked back to us, then took off running around the corner into the trees above the trail. Up here, black bears almost all ways run from people, Grizzlies not so much. We’re pretty sure this was a Black Bear. We carefully hiked by the location were the bear had been and headed on. As the sun was getting low, we came to a wide river crossing. Off came our shoes and across we went. This was the second time today we had to take our shoes off to cross a river. After drying off, we started looking for a place to camp. We found a secluded horse camp and set up the tents back in the trees. It even has a place to hang our food.  We will finish the fire detour tomorrow and get back on the CDT.

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