Lincoln (23_249 R)
Day 150, 151, and 152 – 9/18/17, 9/19/17, and 9/20/17
Miles – 25.5
Total miles – 2348.7


We took our time getting up this morning because our plan was to hike twenty miles, camp, and then hike the last five miles into Lincoln tomorrow morning. Well things always change on the fly. Instead, of coming into town tomorrow, tonight was our goal. We hiked off to find the water and shelter under gray skies. The clouds were thick and looked ready to rain at any moment. A mile down the road, we reached the shelter where Red Cross and Napoleon were just getting out of their tent. We picked up several bottles of water that the gentleman had left for us and headed out. We left a thank you note in the cooler thanking the trail angel for his generosity.  Eventually, we cut off the highway onto a dirt road. Still no rain. Every hour we hike without perception falling on us, is a blessing.
Cattle are very common along the trail, but we have seen very few bulls.  Shortly after turning onto the dirt road we walked toward a very large bull.  He was standing right in the middle of the road and he just watched us as we headed toward him.  For the most part cows just run away, but not this bull.  He was not going to move.  We stopped, then made noise and waved our poles, but he did not budge.  With a barbed wire fence to our left and a marshy field to our right, we decided to pass around him through the field and hope our feet stayed dry.  After circling him and gaining the dirt road the bull finally left the road.  It would have been nice if he had done that earlier.
Now we had 14.4 miles and one pass to get up to get closer to Lincoln. On the way up, we had a few very light showers, however, for the most of it, we stayed dry. Mama Raven’s heal (plantar fasciitis) has been extra bad the past few days. With every step, it felt like a knife stabbing into her heel. This trip has been extra hard for so many reasons for her. Mama Raven says she has been given a test of endurance to see how much she can take before she quits. We crossed the pass and started down toward town. Around 5:00, it started raining with only 5 miles to town. We were hoping it would wait until we hiked into town. Although, we should feel lucky it held off this long. Bling stopped under a large tree and we took a break to eat something and put our down coats on underneath our rain jackets. Finally, we pushed on toward town, one and a half hours away.  We walked into Lincoln just as it was getting dark. The first motel we came to was the only facility with a laundry, thus it was our best choice and we were able to get a room. The weather looks messy for the rest of the week. We will have to figure out what our plan will be to reach our next re-supply.


A zero for today in Lincoln. The weather was not bad. We saw the sun in the morning and it rained and snowed in the afternoon. We got our re-supply box and the extra food for the next section.
When Mama Raven and I were in the Post Office, getting our boxes, we asked if there was any place to purchase gloves.  The lady behind the counter told us no.  A minute later she asked us to wait and she when in back.  She returned with a pair of womans snow gloves.  Mama Raven tried them on and they fit.  She told us we could have them.  We asked if someone had left them behind and she told us they were her gloves.  We tried to return them but she said they were a gift.  The generosity of people is a wonderful thing.
We stopped by a convenience store to picked up liners for Papa Raven, Bling, and Whisper mittens, although Whispers were to big, but they were the smallest we could find.  Our fingers have been very cold with the thin micro fiber mittens that Mama Raven made for this trip. Unfortunately, the weather does not look great for the next few days. In fact, it looks down right miserable. Nothing we can do about it other than keep moving forward. We just have to get to Sunday and we should have more sunny days. We plan to hike out tomorrow afternoon, after the morning rain. Keeping an eye on weather reports is frustrating because it is constantly changing.  One hour it says one thing and next hour it is different. Thus, we really will not know until tomorrow when we will leave. However, we do know, we will be hiking the detour around the Alice Creek fire closure. Despite all the rain and snow, there is still closed trail due to fire.  The CDT is closed North of Rogers Pass.  The detour comes down close to Lincoln and then heads North on dirt roads and trail.  We will be taking the shortest path back to the trail we can. Nobody is exciting about the hiking conditions for the next few days because of the bad weather. Nonetheless, forward we go!


As we got ready for breakfast and hike out we saw that there weather for today was mostly rain. That did not sound good. We ate at the Lambkin. They have great French toast. As we were finishing someone walked up to our table. It was none other than Dundee. Has is a thru-hiker we know from the PCT. He has been behind us since he started. We had been hoping that he would catch up with us. He just got into town this morning and there are the other hikers that came in yesterday, AJ, Spam, and Hot Rod. We have not seen AJ since South Pass City back in Wyoming.
We do not like hiking in rain and we need to decide if we would hike out or not so I called Benchmark Ranch to see if they had a cabin for Friday or Saturday night. They had one for Saturday so that means we need to leave tomorrow. We settled back to enjoy a day of not hiking in the rain. Tomorrow should have little to no rain, Friday is our big problem, it is suppose to snow.


One thought on “Lincoln

  1. I really feel for Mama Ravens foot! I developed plantar fasciitis early this summer (my first time) too. I can feel the knife stabbing my heel just reading about it. It’s really changed what I can wear on my feet since some shoes aggravate it more than others. I don’t know how you’re able to put in so many miles each day with the pain. The only thing that’s made walking and standing more tolerable for me are the Dr Scholls insoles I picked up at Walmart (on those machines that assess your foots pressure points). I don’t know if there is a long term solution for the problem so for now I just wake up hoping that it’s gone. I hope Mama Raven is out of pain soon!


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