Weather is Coming

A hill top (2680.7 R)
Day 145 – 9/13/17
Miles – 22.7
Total miles – 2295.3

Just before going to sleep, we could see the stars shinning bright above us. However, around midnight, it was sprinkling rain on us. It stopped after a bit. Sometime before 5:00 in the morning, it started sprinkling again. This time it lasted until we finished breakfast. Thankfully, the only wet gear was the outside of the tents. In our minds, we saw a wet day of hiking ahead of us. The storm came a day early. We packed as much as we could in the tents where it was dry. Then we got out and packed the wet tents. The sky was a dull gray. At least it was not raining at the moment. We hiked back up to the CDT and started North. To great relief, the sky broke up and blue poked through. Our thinking was that hopefully, with seeing a bit of blue sky, we will have a couple of more hours of rain free hiking before the clouds build overhead and dump on us. Today’s walk was through more thick lodge pole pine forest. Around lunch, the sun was out in full force as we broke out of the trees on to a rocky mountain top. The perfect place to dry out. Quickly we pulled out the tents and sleeping bags and we sat in the sun and ate. Everything dried quickly in the sun and soon we were on our way again. We hoped that the rain would hold off till evening. Emptying onto a dirt road, the trail took us on an easy path all afternoon.  It contouring along the mountain ridges and over several low passes. As the afternoon went on, big puffy clouds began to collect and grow. Toward evening, our trail left the road and climbed a small hill. By this time, the sky was thick with clouds. It was getting dark when we found a place to camp. We quickly setup the tents and settled down for the night. When we woke this morning with rain falling on us, we knew we were in for a wet day.  Nonetheless, our fear of rain did not come to fruition today. The wind is starting to blow strongly in the trees. We know tomorrow will be a wet day. Although, we now are hoping that the rain holds off until later tomorrow. We have only six miles to reach the pass where we have to hitchhike to Helena. It would be nice to be dry when we get there.

11 thoughts on “Weather is Coming

  1. Hey guys! You around Helena? Napoleon and I are staying at the Budget Inn tonight, we tried yesterday the next section to Lincoln, but had to get off trail and come back after one day because of all the snow, impossible to hike in this shit! Hope you’re doing good!! Red Cross


  2. Beautiful photos once again. I love the stands of trees with the light filtering through. Winter is sneaking up on you. I hope your hike keeps in the good graces of mother nature.


  3. Greetings Ravens,

    Your Northwest Cousins are monitoring your progress and the growth of Tim’s beard!! Feeling for you as the cold weather descends. Our garden was frozen out several weeks ago. Ice on the windshields in the morning. The smoke has finally cleared though. Not sure what your plan is for your return south. Let us know if it will bring you out our way. We would jump (and drive) at the opportunity to lay eyes on you. Much Love


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