Wisdom (?)
Day 138 – 9/6/17
Miles – 16.0
Total miles – 2170.6

It was a cold damp night with a lot of condensation. We knew that when we decided to camp in a meadow next to a stream. We continued our road walk to Wisdom. It was not a difficult route.  After several hours we walked out of the mountains and trees and into grassy plains. Cattle were everywhere. It seems as if we were in the heart of ranch land of Montana. A little after lunch, we came to the paved road to town with just 3 miles till town. Just as we got to the edge of Wisdom, a pickup truck pulled over to talk to us. It was Keith, Tour Guide’s husband. We first met Tour Guide on the PCT in southern California. We then crossed paths with her as she hiked towards Silverthorne, several months ago in Colorado. With us going to Wisdom instead of Sula, we had a problem, our re-supply boxes were in Sula, an eighty mile round trip of hitching rides.  After talking with Keith, he offered to drive Papa Raven the forty miles to Sula and back again. This was a huge relief for us . It will also save us from having to take a zero in town tomorrow to resolve our box issue. While Papa Raven rode to Sula with Keith, Mama Raven and the kids got a room and some food.  Mama Raven went to the Nez Perce Motel and got a room; the only problem was that she did not have any money.  Papa Raven had left and forgotten to give her any way to pay for the room.  She arranged to have Papa Raven pay when he returned.  She did have a little cash so she could get something for the kids at the grocery store.  As Papa Raven and Keith returned from Sula, Keith stopped to picked up Tour Guide as she completed her road walk section and the three of them headed back to Wisdom. It was good to talk with the two of them and Keith truly helped us out. Trail Magic seems to happen when it is needed the most. Thank you so much… and that is one heart felt thank you! Back at the hotel room, we went through the food boxes and packed for the next section. There is no laundry here, so we washed our clothes by hand and air dried them on a nearby fence. There was no time to work on photos or blogs. That will have to wait for Anaconda, our next re-supply. We ordered a pizza from the Antler Saloon and brought it back to our room. It was really good pizza. We ate it while we watched Whisper’s favorite television show, Too Cute, on Animal Planet. It is a show with nothing but cute kittens and puppies. It shows them from birth till adoption day and it is really too cute!!  Wisdom is another small town with no cell phone service. The ranchers and their wives, from miles away, come into town in the evenings and go to one of the two gathering spots: The Antler Saloon or The Crossing Restaurant. We will hike out first thing tomorrow after breakfast. We have a very long road walk ahead of us. Due to the fire closure, we will have to hike the asphalt road all the way into Anaconda.  We are sorry for this because we will be missing beautiful country and our feet are going to be hurting!

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