Soaking the Feet

Hamby Creek (10_203)
Day 135 – 9/3/17
Miles – 24.6
Total miles – 2111.9

It was another red sunrise we woke up to. The smoke was down in the valleys below us. Again, the air smelled heavy with smoke. This is getting to be a normal occurrence with red sunrises and sunsets. We hiked the four miles over to Goldstone Pass and dropped our packs. The spring was 1/4 of a mile down a dirt road and we did not want to carry the packs back up. Mama and Papa Raven went down and filled all our breakfast bottles and got 5.5 Lt of water, while Bling and Whisper stayed with the packs. This should be enough to get us through the rest of the day. We walked around several peaks before crossing a ridge and dropping into a valley. This was the beginning of a long down, but first we had to cross a small pass and drop into the next drainage valley. As we rounded the head of the valley, we stopped for a break at a small stream where there was a wooden bridge. It was a pretty spot with rich green mosses and some of the first wild flowers we have seen in a long time.  Most of the lush vegetation we have seen in the past is now dried up. Many of the low plants are even turning yellow and red as fall approaches.  We decided to take a break for lunch on the bridge. We relaxed in the sun and Mama Raven soaked her feet, followed by Whisper. Soaking our feet is a pleasure that we have not had many chances to do on this trail. Mama Raven said this is one of those beautiful, lush spots the imagination could see woodland nymphs floating down the stream in boats made of leaves. Not wanting to leave and enjoying ourselves, we lingered a while, however the trail called for us to pack up and start hiking again. It was a nagging voice from a mother, so we were grudgingly obedient and did what were suppose to. We continued our hike down the valley. We spent many hours heading down, first down one valley and then we crossed North to another. The day was very hot and we tried to take advantage of the shade under the trees. Late in the afternoon, we came to a larger stream and we dropped our packs on the bridge, but instead of sitting on the bridge we all sat by the streams edge. Everyone took off their shoes and soaked their feet in the cold water. It felt really good to get the heat out of the feet and clean them. The trail has been terribly dusty. With each foot step, a fine powdery cloud of dust puffs up beneath and around our feet which then penetrates the mesh of our socks and shoes. The legs up to our knees also gets a coating of dust on them turning them a dingy gray color. After eating and letting our feet dry, we headed around a ridge to the next valley to stop for the night. The sun was a red ball in the sky again and ashes gently fell on to us like snow flakes. We have no cell phone connection so we did not have any information on the status of the CDT and fires. We found a flat place to camp on the far side of Hamby Creek. Surprisingly to us, we are having an easy time through this section and moving well. Hopefully, tomorrow will be another good day.


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