Anaconda (A_26.0 R)
Day 140 – 9/8/17
Miles – 28.5
Total miles – 2224.6

It was hard getting up. Everyone was extra tired after yesterday’s long road walk. Walking on a paved surface is much harder on the body than a soft dirt path. The feet suffer the most! When we got out of the tent in the morning, we were hit with a very cold wind. We decided it was best to wear long sleeves, down coats, and gloves. Because of the cold, we quickly hit the road hopefully we would warm up by walking. We also joined by our friend, the big red sun ball in the sky.  After several miles, we came to Hwy 569, which was our road to Anaconda. Since the sun was muted by the smoke, the air temperature stayed very cold for a long distance. Nearly half the day past, before we started to notice an increase in warmth. We could finally remove several layers of clothing. Our road walk was somewhat uneventful. This morning we agreed to push all the way to Anaconda today. This means, we were going to be very tired tonight when we reach town. In the early afternoon, we went over one small pass and started down toward Anaconda. As the trail flattened out, we stopped and figured out that we had 10 miles to go to reach town. We could do that in 3-4 hours. Needing a place to stay for the night, and we called several hotels until we found a room and off we went. We had a small delay when Mama Raven and Whisper came across four horses that wanted to be petted. While hiking, Whisper spends most of her day dreaming up horse stories and acting them out as she hikes. She is always asking us what we think a good name for a cream colored horse or a black horse would be? Can a horse do this or that? She always corrects us when we use the wrong term. Such as when Mama Raven said “look at them run across the field” and Whisper says “mom, horses do not run they canter!”  There are two question she asks nearly everyday….can she take horse back lessons and can she get a horse? When we were hiking with Auntie Raven, she would respond to Whisper, “yes, you can have a horse! Come to Alaska and we will get a horse for you!” Thanks Catwater! As Whisper rubbed each one of the horses on it’s head, she talked to them. She was so excited for the opportunity to be with these horses. Unfortunately, it was time to move on. As we walked down the road, so too did the horses along the fence following us, until the fence prevented them from going any further in our direction. Near 7:00, we came to Hwy 1 and turned toward town, down a two mile walk along a busy highway. That is when the wind started. It blew straight into our faces and was so strong, it pushed us around.  With it, came a light rain. That worried us. We pushed on as fast as our aching feet would carrier us. We walked into town, straight to the hotel, dropped our packs, and since we had not eaten since 3:00, we headed across the street to McDonald’s. We were in calorie bliss. As we sat eating, it started to rain harder. We were thankful to be inside and not outside with no pace to hide from the miserable weather. Instead, we were dry and warm.  A good ending to a very long day!


One thought on “Anaconda

  1. Girls and horses, I know that feeling all to well. You will be in for a surprise when you return home. The corner of Fuerte and Calmin have some new residents.


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