A Historic Spot

Once again, on a ridge (2336.0)
Day 134 – 9/2/17
Miles – 24.2
Total miles – 2087.3

It was noticeable darker when we woke this morning. The days are getting shorter. We were on the trail a little before seven and we got to watch the sunrise, which was a red ball floating in the sky because of all the smoke from the fires in Montana. We have had smoke since Colorado, however it is much thicker now restricting our views to only a short distance. The air even smells of  thick smoke. Today was not nearly as difficult as the past few days have been. We quickly went over a small climb and started a long ten mile down. We moved fast. At least four vehicles drove by. All were hunters. Elk season for bowmen started a few days ago. Although, several hunters were seen with guns. Bumping into men in camouflage clothes was a common site today. After several hours, we came to Lemhi Pass. This is our only water for the next eighteen miles thus we filled up. This is a historic pass because the Lewis and Clark party crossed the Continental Divide here. At the spring, we filled up with water. Lewis and Clark believed this very spring was the beginning of the Missouri River. We were thinking that Lewis and Clark’s expedition were the first long distant thru-hikers in America. And to think, we got water from the same spring as these great American figures of history. We also took time to see the Sacajawea Memorial. Sacajawea is one of Mama Raven’s hero of American history so she was excited to be at this location. After the historical spot, we had a big up, about 1,200′ and very steep. It took a while to get to the top, but once up, the hiking got much easier. The rest of the day we rolled along tree covered ridges with small easy ups and downs. We have about four miles to Goldstone Pass, our next water. Hopefully, tomorrow will go as well as today. We could use another twenty-four mile day.

Lemhi Spring


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