A ridge (2312.4)
Day 133 – 9/1/17
Miles – 18.6
Total miles – 2063.1

Leadore was a very small town and they work on their own schedule. We wanted to have breakfast and go back to the trail as soon as possible, but we could not find out what time the restaurant opened. We asked several times and it was any where from 7:00 to 8:30. It sounded like it opened whenever someone got there to open it. Waking at 6:00 in the morning, we finished packing and then walked over to the restaurant at 7:30. It was closed. We decided to walk to the other end of town and back. They were still closed, that was around 8:00. We went back to the Inn and talked to Redcross and Napoleon. Their room had a kitchenette, thus they made breakfast in their room. We all were going to get a ride back to the trail with Sam, who is owner of the Inn, after we had breakfast. They said they were not in a hurry, so we shouldn’t worry about time.  A few minutes later,  Sam said he saw that the restaurant open sign was on, so we headed back down at 8:15. The breakfast was good and huge. Bling and Mama Raven had one pancake, 2 eggs, and sausage and bacon. It was a good thing that they only had one pancake because it was about a foot across. Whisper and Papa Raven had French toast, which consisted of four, thick, egg covered toast. They offered the French toast deep fried. In fact, Red Cross had the deep fried toast for yesterday’s breakfast and she said it was amazing! We decided to keep it simple and it was still really good. We were all full and most plates still had food left over. This is another small town with no cell phone service. In this modern age we live in, we expect cell phone and Wifi service everywhere. Hiking these long trails, we have learned otherwise. Actually, it is a breath of fresh air to know there our communities across this nation that are still so simple! Folks here still sit on their front porches, drinking ice tea and talking to one another, face to face. No devices of social media held in the hand to distract. Just two people having quality time together. Nonetheless, It was about nine thirty when Sam drove Napoleon, Red Cross, and The Ravens back to the trail. From Leadore, the trail heads North. For the last few weeks, we have been hiking west and sometimes northwest. It is good too be heading in the right direction, toward Canada. Most of the day, we climbed easy hills, slowly building up to the highest ridges. We stopped to talk to Napoleon and Red Cross at a spring while they had lunch. Later, they past us on a climb. They are both strong and fast hikers, however they are in no hurry to finish the trail. Red Cross is from Switzerland and Napoleon is from Louisiana. When their trip is over, they will have to part ways. Something neither one is looking forward to. The end of the day we had several very steep ups, which exhausted us. We came into camp very tired. Now we are nestled in a stand of trees and ready for sleep.


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