We Create An Alt

A pass (06_250 R)
Day 130 – 8/29/17
Miles – 19.7
Total miles – 2007.6

This section is wearing us down. It was very hard to get up and moving. The body simply does not want to move. Bling, especially is not doing well. We do not know if he is sick again or just worn out from hiking. Even the cows all around us, mooing loudly, had a hard time waking us up. When we did get out of the tents, we found the sky and clouds painted with red and oranges. Just to the West, a thunderhead was raining and a full rainbow could be seen.  No sooner than we got pack covers and rain jackets on, it started to rain.  It did not last long.  Not long before we hiked away from the clouds, we switched to cooler clothes. Despite the trail being so difficult, the country all around us is beautiful. We hope the photographs do this area justice! The trail rolled up and over sage covered hill tops and down the other side. Rain fell again, just before we came to the drop to Deadman Lake. Once at the lake, we took a break.
There is a comment on my GPS app that talks about a road alt. So, sitting under a pine tree by the side of the peaceful lake, Papa Raven explored this possible alt. What he found was a 6.5 mile road walk that would cut about 5.5 trail miles off. This was a big savings. The road was easy except for the first mile, which was very steep. We decide to do it. We left the lake and slowly worked our way up the steep road. The steep section did not last long. After reaching the high point, we went down to a steam. There we stopped to eat and filter water. Once again, Bling is very tired and is wanting to sleep. At this location, our only choice is to hike on the best we can.  It probably will be a low mileage day. As we ate at the stream, a thunderhead built to the West. About the time we decided to start hiking,  it started to rain. With the rain, came a very strong wind. We had to hold our umbrellas sideways to block the driving rain. We knew that this storm would not last long because we could see blue sky behind it. It rained hard for about 20 minutes and then let up. Several miles, after leaving the stream, we joined back with the CDT.  We hiked on to Hackness Lake and then started several climbs over unnamed passes. We camped at the top of the second pass. Our hard days work was rewarded with this camp site in a saddle and its amazing views of the surrounding mountains.  Bling fell asleep before dinner was made, although we woke him up to eat. It is raining right now and we hope our location does not flood tonight.


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