Bannack Pass (2232.1 0)
Day 129 – 8/28/17
More – 21.0
Total miles – 1987.9

Yesterday was an unusually tough day of hiking and no one wanted to get moving. Very slowly, we started to move. All our energy reserves were used up yesterday. However, we must keep moving forward. We got out of the tents in time to see the sun as a big red ball in the sky.  Smoke, from a fire North of us, must have moved down south over night. Before we set out for our morning hike, we picked up several more liters of water from a spring near the stream. The first few miles was through tree covered valleys and a lot of cows. At one point, we came across two male elk, hiding in the trees, bugling back and forth across the narrow valley to each other. The sounds they were making did not sound like a friendly conversation. Instead, it was two males telling each other off and saying whose the boss around here.  Short time later, we came to a stream at the base of today’s big up and stopped to fill-up on water and eat something. The up was 1,800′ in three miles. Not as bad as some of the ups yesterday, but we are still tired from the previous day’s hike. We climbed up through trees and open sage. We got to the pass in about two hours. Not bad. However, not great. From here, we had miles of down punctuated with small ups. Even though we were going down, we did not move very fast. After several miles, we stopped at a spring. It was very small and it took a little time to fill up our bottles. Then it was on down the valley and back into the trees. As the day went on, we took more and more breaks. Not long ones but many of them. We were very tired. Mama Raven said it felt like she had bricks tied to her feet and each step was very labor intensive. Yesterdays hike, produced very low energy levels for today. As we came to the end of the valley, we climbed a ridge and stopped at several water troughs. This was the last water for 13 miles and we needed to fill up. There was no water coming out of the pipe into either trough, but Papa Raven found a valve and turned it on. After several minutes, water started flowing out. We now had all the water we needed.  We had three miles of down, so we slowly made our way up and over. When we made it to the bottom there was a very large flat area and we stopped for the night. It was an early night, but nobody was moving very fast by this time. We just wanted to get dinner and go to bed. We hope we have more energy tomorrow.


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