Thank You!

A ridge  (2161.4 R)
Day 125 – 8/24/17
Miles – 23.3
Total miles – 1917.1

Three of us slept warm and one of us did not. I wonder who? That would be Mama Raven. She sleeps every night in her long johns, down coat, hat, fluffy socks, and mittens and she is still cold.  We all have lost weight, perhaps that is why she cannot keep warm at night? We got up not long after dawn and began hiking just as the sun came over the ridge. The hills around us have clumps of trees surrounded by fields of flowering plants. Soon after leaving camp, we saw a moose eating bushes up above the hills were we camped. We watched her for a few minutes and then we headed on. The morning’s sky had large clouds scattered about. There was a cold wind blowing. The setting was absolutely beautiful. Everyday of our hike we are surrounded by amazing beauty. However, once in a while, we stumble across an area that is exceptionally magnificent that touches deeply. This was one of those locations. We were experiencing it at the perfect time and conditions to show it off so grandly. The beauty was over powering and it filled us with benevolent energy. It made us feel equally magnificent and compassionate in the environment around us. The master designer of it all, out did himself in this area. Since it was so cold, we left our down coats on for most of the morning. Even with the big climb, we did not want to take them off. It was not until the sun came out fully behind the clouds, that we warmed up enough to remove them. In the early afternoon, a large thunderhead started to form to the West. Since the clouds were moving from the West to the East, we were concerned. We could see it raining to the North and on the other side of the mountains to the West as we headed south. We just did not move far enough South. As we stopped to fill 4L of water, it stared to rain. Taking cover under a thick tree, the black clouds began to hail. Big drops of rain followed. Since we were on the edge of the storm, we hoped it would not last long and it didn’t. After about ten minutes, it tapered off and we set out again. We decided to hike with all our rain gear on because the sky still looked threatening. At about 6:00, the sky darkened and soon it was raining again. We hoped it would not go on all night. It is difficult to set up the tents when it is pouring down rain. To the great relief of all Ravens, the rain let up just before we found a place to camp for the night.  In fact we could see clear skies beyond. Little things like this bring great joy to thru hikers!!! We are on track to get to Lima the day after tomorrow. After Lima, we have only seven more re-supply boxes before we reach Canada!

In our blogs, we have yet to thank our support crew who are at home mailing all our food and supply boxes and any other items we need. There has been a lot of boxes they have been responsible for. Everything has been delivered to perfection! Thank you Denise and Karin! Papa Raven’s mom and dad has also helped out. From the bottom of our hearts to the tippity tips of our soar feet, what you have been doing for us, is so appreciated.  They are old pros at this job. They held the same position, back in 2015, when we hiked the PCT. We could not have more loyal friends and family to do such a big task!

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